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asiatiquessexe > The Villainous Villainess > 6 Chapter 6: The Last Supper
Lunch was served with a room full of love and laughter. They avoided talking about the elephant in the room and instead reminisced about the days when Viviana and Vincenzo were infants and toddlers.

Lunch served that day was cotoletta with potatoes. Veal breaded with shredded parmesan and oregano, grilled with olive oil and rosemary on an iron skillet. Potatos that were chopped in cubes with their skins still attached, salted and browned with the veal. Before presenting, a quick squeeze of fresh lemon drizzled on the meal. Unlike their chocolate-y beverages they had this morning, the family was served with fruity delights. Her parents were given glasses of wine and the children were given fruit juice.

"Mimma, you used to hide in dark places of the manor when you were pooping in your diaper!" Her father happily exclaimed.

Blood rushed to her cheeks and her small heart pumped at a nervous speed.

"I did not, papa!"

Genuine laughter filled the air with sparkles and bubbles of pure bliss, as the family of four sat at the dining table. They'd listen as they ate, talked as they drink, and laughed as the servants took away their empty plates.

"The maids and nannies would run around the manor looking for you; their faces so terrified and wet with tears and sweat." Her mother chimed in. "They'd run to your mama and papa, crying, 'We've lost the young lady!' And we'd have to order the entire estate to find you, only for us to find you hiding in cabinets in the kitchen, the coatrooms, or wardrobes of either our rooms or the guestrooms!"

"I did not, mama!" Tears were beginning to form in the inner and outer corners of her eyes, as he brows furrowed together and her face scrunched.

"Did too!" Vincenzo replied. "When we'd find you, your face would be as red as it is now, with that same exact expression!"

The youngest gasped and her mouth formed into a small circle, before she scrunched her face with a scrowl.

"Don't be embarrassed, mimma! We still love you!" Her father cooed.

The young girl turned away from her family, crossing her arms. She huffed and ignored their apologies.

"Hey, that's exactly what you'd do when we'd ask you if you were pooping!" The youthful voice of her brother added.

Her face twisted even more.

Viviana had zero recollection of any of these stories her family spoke so joyously of, and frankly, that might have been for the best. But even so, the humiliation for something she couldn't remember was too much.

After lunch, Vincenzo tried to take her out to the stables. Viviana was always too little to be able to go horseback riding and she has never gone out to see the pony her parents had gotten for her.

"I don't want to go with you, I'm mad at you!" She whined when he asked her to come along with him. "And I already promised papa that I'd spend the rest of today with him!"

Horses and ponies were larger than from what Layla had seen in photographs and television; and as a bor

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