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asiatiquessexe > The Villainous Villainess > 3 Chapter 3: We’re What?
The sunlight hits her eyelids and the birds began to sing outside her window. Her long violet lashes are stuck on her sun-kissed skin, eye mucus and tears sealed her swollen eyes shut until she could wash her face.

Annoyed by the sun and the birds, the little girl groaned with her hoarse voice before reaching for her blanket and covered her head with it. At least she could run away from the sun.

"Mimma," Vincenzo's soft and gentle voice called out to her, disturbing the peace of sleep. Though his youthful voice was pleasant to listen to, now was certainly not the time.

"Time to wake up, mimma." He added on, his little bronze hands carefully moving the tear and snot stained blanket away from their tiny bodies. "Come on, mimma. Your older brother has already gotten ready for the day. It's your turn now."

Viviana groaned once more before sitting up. Because Vincenzo was such a cute little boy and such a sweet older brother, she'll comply for now.

Leo never woke her up this nicely; he'd yell at her, shake her, pour cold water onto her face, and hide her blankets until she got up to find them. She'd beat him up but she always lost to that stupid MMA addict. And then he'd laugh in her face and tell her, 'That's what you get for not waking up when I asked nicely, brat.'

That bastard... She'll miss him.

Viviana's eyes were still sealed shut and she couldn't remember when the maids were coming here to help her get ready for the day.

"Open your eyes, mimma." Vincenzo kindly commanded.

"I can't, Vincenzo... it's too crusty and it hurts to open them." She complained, proving her point as she faced him. Her eyes struggled to open and she groaned in pain as the harden eye mucus stabbed the rims of her swollen red eyes.

"Pft—" her new older brother began to burst in melodious laughter that pierced Viviana in the gut. "Mimma can't open her eyes!"

'You little— I thought you were different from Leo, turns out you're just as much as a traitor...' Viviana shook her head in her heart. And here she thought things could be different... Well, at least this brother of her's wasn't a MMA addict who liked using her as a punching bag.

After the ten year old's laughing fit, he finally brought himself to a standstill.

"I'll be right back," he told her as he was leaving her bedroom. "I'll tell the maids to fetch some water for you, mimma."

And so, Viviana was left on her bed; cold, tired, blinded, and dehydrated. Her tiny hands tried moving around the queen's sized bed for her precious blanket but she couldn't find it.

'Damn, so this kid is basically Leo's would-be son, isn't he?! That little brat!' Viviana told herself.

And then a wave of sadness hit her. Leo probably would have been abled to be in a relationship, get married, and have kids if he wasn't always so busy having to take care of her.

Their parents died around the time Layla was six, and Leo was ten years older than her. The only family they had wa

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