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asiatiquessexe > The Villainous Villainess > 8 Chapter 8: Who Could Resist?
Viviana's eyes and cheeks were swollen and rose-tinted. Her throat was parched and dry, any trace of hydration had left her body via her eyes.

The ride started off silent, her two knights worriedly glancing at her time to time but could not offer any words or actions of support to the young child. Anything said felt wrong and could potentially worsen her state, and it wasn't like they could insert themselves into her situation as they were outsiders.

The Valentino Fief was in the south of the empire, the Canina Sea bordering the bottom, not including the small islands scattered nearby its shores. The capital, Aelius, was thousands and thousands of kilometers east and northern of her home, smack down in the center of the empire.

Viviana had once seen it from a map from her brother's study he had shown her the day before the Consort Candidacy Party when she had asked him how far away it was from home.

"See, mimma?" He said as he pointed on the map. "This is the capital! You'll be going there tomorrow but in two years, your big brother will be attending the Akademia after my baptism at the Temple of All!"

Viviana had happily rejoiced in the fact of being invited to the Consort Candidatacy Party, intrigued and excited to meet new people— including the crown prince himself.

What a mistake that was.

'Ah,' She began to monologue. 'If only I had remembered my past life beforehand, this entire situation wouldn't be happening...'

Although she had only regained memories from her past life, the lingering consciousness of Layla had taken leadership of Viviana's child controlled brain.

The concept of souls and reincarnation used to seem like far away notions to the 19-year-old Layla before she had died and found herself as the 4-year-old Viviana. Even the thought of alternative universes were just abstractions she had only seen from television shows had suddenly become her life and very real.

Viviana internally screamed, 'Agh! Why did this have to happen?!'

If she were alone in the carriage, she would have taken this chance to soother her screams into the red velvet cushions to relieve her of her stress.

The carriage sped off from the Valentino Manor, its the Mediterranean and Roman-like architecture finally came into full view and Viviana finally came to realize how incredible and large her home was.

'I might never see it again...' She registered, chills running up her sleeve.

The dazed and tired look on her chubby face eventually became indifference as she leaned her head on the side of the extravagant pure white walls of the carriage. She shifted her limp body against the fancy red velvet cushions and sleepily crossed her arms. She emptily stared through the window, watching as they passed by her family's plantations and fields.

Thoughts flipped through her brain: what would she do after she reaches the palace? Before she was planning of beating him up, but as the reality of the situation settled in... What was it that she could do to save herself and her family without getting them in trouble?

Bow down to his highness and beg for forgiveness in hopes that he will send her back? Break her cool and yell at him for his impulsive decision, demanding her freedom back? Play nice and try to get into his good graces, and then hope for the best outcome possible? Give him the silent treatment?

She internally groaned. The reality was that there was nothing she could do about her situation that would end in her favor.

"Lady Viviana," a low husky voice called out it her, pulling her out of her daze.

Her tired eyes opened and directed her attention to one of the knights, a fair young man with beautiful cream-colored locks that sat on his head like the waves of the ocean and refreshing but sharp celadon tinted orbs. A flawless jawline and high cheekbones, decorated with such a pretty face, you'd never expect such a low and husky voice from him.

"Would you care for some w

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