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asiatiquessexe > The Villainous Villainess > 7 Chapter 7: Mia Famiglia
There was an increasing emptiness that continuously began to eat away in the center of the child's body as she stood in front of the mirror in the room, the maids surrounding her.

Two focused on her hair, three fluffing her new gown, and five others gathering her belongings.

She repeated a mantra insider her head, forcing herself to not burst into tears. She shouted at herself to be strong for her family. To be what she had her current family and Leo to be, to be whom she needed to be.

Viviana emptyily started at her reflection in the mirror. Her lavender silk embodied dress, decorated with small pearls and diamonds on her chest in a floral pattern. On the edges of her dress and puffy Juliet styled sleeves were white lace. There was a white silk fabric that laid underneath the silt of its lavender counterpart in the middle of skirt and petticoat, decorated with matching lace trim.

'Such a beautiful dress for a sombre situation...' She thought.

Her neck and ears were decorated with pearls and driping tear drop diamonds. Elegant matching pins were placed on the sides of her half up-do. Her plum s-waved strands flowed like the meanders of a river.

Not once in her past life did Layla dress up in such an extravagant way, with the exception of senior prom. Though, she had to save up two years early.

Despite having money left by their deceased family, it was quickly used up a few years after their uncle had passed on. Making ends meet on the regular was hard for her and Leo, only catching a break when he had finally gotten hired as salesman at a fancy company after months and months of temp work there.

He was so happy, he picked her up from school as took her out to eat at the local one cream parlor, like he used to before their parents died. She'd always order a mint chocolate cookie ice cream sundae and he'd always get a vanilla dipped with chocolate ice cream cone.

Will she ever be able to taste the heavenly sweetness of ice cream ever again? Who knows...

And to think that in this lifetime she had nearly all the money in the world, thanks to the blood of thousands of broken and suffering of families across the continent.

'I'm looking at you, herorin...' She muttered internally.

A claw of guilt scratched within her heart, she loved her family but... Was it possible to forgive them for breaking away others?

Viviana grimanced.

'Think of something else!' Her mind pleaded, breaking herself away from the gnawing guilt for a small moment.

Thoughts ran rampage through her child sized brain, trying to formulate something to distract her.


Her mother suddenly entered her room and marched towards the maids packing away her precious belongings. Her peach and cream colored ruffled dress flowing behind her as the white oak door shook, carrying the aftershocks of the vibrations of action.

"Ah, can't forget your dresses your Uncle Calli got you!" Meilin exclaimed, her voice on the verge of s

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