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asiatiquessexe > The Rise of Yi Fei > 3 A Glimpse of the Past II
Birds were flying and chirping happily and the rabbits hops everywhere looking for food.

The leaves on the trees were all green. And there was a cottage somewhere in the forest, it was not small but it was also not very big. When one looks at it closely, there were people walking, sweeping the floor and hanging the laundries. There were even two children playing under a tree however, the two were the most striking thing that people will see when one passes by. Amber eyes that shone with joy and love, snow white skin, small nose that suites their face, long black glossy hair and the mouth that light the mood whenever it smiles.

Yet, the two children have the same face and from the looks of it, they even have the same age. They were so similar with each other that it was as if looking at each other's reflection in the mirror.

An elderly woman in a maidservant dress came out of the cottage and shouted, "Yi Mei! Yi Fei! Come here now! There's someone here for you."

The two children simultaneously looked towards the person calling them and even stood up at the same time, it was scary enough to scare people who were not used to seeing this.

"Coming!" The two children simultaneously called back.

The elderly woman waited for them to get closer before walking with them inside. Though the place was a cottage somewhere in the forest, the inside was still adorned by things that was hard to come by and anyone can tell that the master of the house greatly spend a lot for it.

The place was never lack of anything and if there was, the servants would immediately look for it and buy it.

In Zhao Hao's mind, this was the place he was hoping to live with Yu Ying and the family they will make, he could still remember their promises and imagine what kind of secluded world they will have but it was all his own wishful thinking. There was no Yu Ying in this lifetime and there was only two children she left with him.

A knock was heard and a man in his forties came inside the room and bowed, "Master, the children is already in the receiving room."

"En." Zhao Hao kept his hands clenched beside him, seemingly trying to hold his head together. If not, he might waver and not go through with this.

4 years ago, Zhao Hao decided to prepare his two daughters to take all the tests his father, Zhao Jun made to know their capabilities. But there was another condition, and that is, the one who will stand above the other, will be the one he will take back home and be the heir of the Zhao family. While the other will need to go with his father to be taken care of. Though it pains him and even if he scream his lung out to not do it, he could not.

It has been 11 years since Yi Fei and Yi Mei was born and since then, they were kept inside the perimeter of the cottage to be schooled, learning the 4 arts and learning etiquette. Zhao Hao arranged all of this to prepare Yi Mei and Yi Fei from the fate they will face today.

Because it was th

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