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asiatiquessexe > The Rise of Yi Fei > 2 A Glimpse of the Past I
Two twins both girls, who was said to bring chaos and death to anyone who is near them, and to erase the curse, one life is needed for the other.

It all started when the heir of one of the leading families in the empire, Zhao Hao fell in love with a high ranked prostitute, Yu Ying.

Their simple visits became meetings between two mutual hearts and later, it became a secret rendezvous of two people who loves each other. They were repeatedly told that their worlds were separated by boundaries they both can't cross but they were foolish and blind with love to listen and care.

The seed of their love finally grew and both were expecting to be happy with each other however, who knew that the seed of their love was different from what they were expecting, instead of one child, it turned out to be two.

They both knew that it was not allowed for two child to grow inside a mother's womb, as it was prophesied to bring chaos and death around them but both Zhao Hao and Yu Ying didn't believe in those such things and told everyone that the prophecy was just a sham to scare people.

However, just after the twins birth, the prophecy came true and the first life they took was their own mother. Zhao Hao was heartbroken by the death of his beloved and could only look at his children but not take them with him as he was devastated from Yu Ying's death. Zhao Hao was unable to prepare himself with this and could only let some of his trusted people to look after his children while he mend his heart.

During that time, he would frequently check upon the twins but never stayed with them. However, his frequent visits became rare and would soon disappear.

One did not know how it became like that but Zhao Hao's love soon slowly turned to hatred, as the thought of his beloved's life was stolen from him keeps on gnawing his heart.

'They took her from you!'

'They stole her away from you and rip your heart apart!!'

'If only they were never born in this life, the mother would still be here.'

'If only..'

Those were the words he hears every time he sees the children Yu Ying left with him.

Zhao Hao was shocked by what his mind was telling him and so he decided to distance himself from the children but still made sure they were well taken care of and was never lack of anything. For it was the only thing he could do to make sure Yu Ying is happy even in the afterlife. However, what he did not realized was that what he was doing was not for anyone else but for himself, to save him from hating and being disgusted of the thoughts he was thinking and from the children that took his beloved away.

After 3 years, Zhao Hao got seriously ill in which his life was almost snuffed out of him. No one knew how and when did he got seriously ill and Zhao Hao felt that it was impossible. He never felt anything strange about his body or felt any difference from when he was still in his best condition. And during his recuperation, a monk who was sent to pray for him said. "This family will never be at peace for the Heavens were disturbed by the two forces who shall never coexist in this lifetime."

At that time, the only person who was with them was Zhao Jun and was wondering what the monk was talking about. "What does the monk mean by saying that? What kind of disturbance could these two forces make for my family to be never be at peace?"

The monk solemnly stared at the two of them before saying, "For it will bring chaos and death to everything at its wake."

Zhao Hao didn't believe it at first however, the future of the Zhao family took a dark turn as death lurks around them. Several of the family's servant died without rhyme or reason and so are the unborn children that the female members of the family bear. Many believed and fear that there were really a curse in the family, they hired several monk and people from the pugilist world to take out the curse but the matter was never solved.

4 more year later, Zhao

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