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It was dark and the rain was falling mildly but it did not hinder several establishments from opening their doors to welcome their honored guests.

And in one of the most prestigious brothel in the Ding Capital, several men came through the door in a great mood.

"Congratulations sir Bo Qin, since your plan have succeeded. I am sure you will be notified sometime now of your newly reinstated position as general." Said a man with a big scar on the side of his cheek with his hands clasped in front of him.The men who was with them laughed and sang praises to Bo Qin while doing the same and bow towards him.

Bo Qin looked satisfyingly happy towards his men and said, "No need for praises brothers. Surely, I won't forget all your hard works and help...Hostess!! Give us the best alcohol and girls you have in here for I will treat this brave men tonight!"

In an elegant room in Kuai Lou, there were two men inside it, one of them was sitting by the side, playing a board game while the other man was sitting by the window, drinking tea.

The man by the window was a young gentleman around the age of 23, wearing a black embroidered robe. His hand lazily played with a jade bangle and his feature was sharp and handsome. He had his hair hanged down behind his back that added to his ethereal look. His lips were slightly upturned as if he was smiling but not and the gaze in his eyes was very cold. He just had the innate ability to make one not move their eyes from his presence.

He lazily looked down towards the rowdy brothel that was just across the restaurant they were in.

The man in black robe semmed to have thought of something and called, "Zheng Yuan."

"Yes, third brother Xu Kai." Zheng Yuan answered as he stopped what he was doing to look back to the other guy. He was clad in a white robe and had a handsome face. Contrasting from the other man, a friendly aura was going around him that makes people want to talk to him.

"Did something happened in the capital while I was gone for a year?" Xu Kai said while his gaze was on the brothel across them.

Zheng Yuan went closer towards him and looked down, " Aside from the things that have been reported to you already, nothing has changed and still the same as last year." He looked towards at Xu Kai but the other's attention was not on him and curiously said, "Did the left-hand man of General Zhao and his men do something to you that you would look at their table with great intensity?"

"No.. However, I find it rather strange for that man to be in here celebrating while his superior is not in the Capital." Xu Kai as he looked towards his friend expressionlessly before he arrogantly said, "And even if that man did me wrong, he wouldn't have the ability to do so."

Zheng Yuan chokes up by what his friend has said but masterfully covered it up with a cough as he hesitantly said, " Should I go find someone to check?"

Xu Kai looked at him unconcerned and said, "No need to check o

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