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asiatiquessexe > The Rise of Yi Fei > 1 The End before the Star

The rain was pouring heavily and the thunder was roaring all night long. The windows and door are closed to keep the cold wind away from reaching the body of the people who sleeps sweetly that night.

No one knew what is happening and nobody cares as one horse drove crazily away downtown like it was being chased by the hound of hell. But when one observes it closely, it didn't need the hound of hell to chase it as six heavily armed men and horses were chasing it as they wear the faces of Yama.

Zhao Yi Fei could still remember the sweetest words the man she loves so much told her. "I am yours and you are mine. And I will mark this day we get married in my heart and mind as the happiest and biggest moment in my entire life."

She felt as if she was the luckiest woman in the world, she thought she couldn't reach him but here she was, marrying the perfect man of her dreams, and even became the wife of the very man who stole many maiden's hearts and break them as he walks away.

She could still remember when he was crying and his eyes told her that he was seriously mad in love with her and was bursting with joy as they get married, but who would've know that she was poor in judging people because in just a year after they got married, he finally showed his true face and spew this hateful words to her. "You don't understand do you? Our marriage is the biggest joke in my life! What beloved wife? What family we can build? What promises!? I could've swore I married the biggest mistake in my life!! Be thankful that your father still supports you or else, don't even be surprised if you see yourself begging and spreading your legs to anybody just like your mother!"

Tears started to blur her vision as they rolled down her face.

Even after he became cold towards Zhao Yi Fei and treats her as if she was nothing but a decoration in the house, she still hoped that something will change and tried to look unfazed and happy outside her inner chamber.

"No.. no.. I need to get away from here... at least, please.. let me reach that place." The whimper that came from Zhao Yi Fei was so small that the sound of the pouring rain buried it.

The horse that Zhao Yi Fei was riding was almost at the farthest corner of the town and the horses behind her was getting farther and farther when suddenly, the foot of the horse she was riding slipped and Zhao Yi Fei fell unceremoniously and heard a loud 'crack' and at the same time, a scream soon came after.

The unbearable pain that was coming from her right arm felt so tremendously painful and when she tried moving it, she could tell that it was useless to ask herself what was wrong. It was broken, not simply broken but horrifyingly. She could see blood seeping out of her sleeves and there was even something potruding from her elbow, while her shoulder bone was dislocated. And even her right eye seemed to be playing tricks on her as her vision turned red.

Time stopped and as if the rain drops was pearls in the sky hanging rigidly everywhere around her. Zhao Yi Fei could hear heart beating so fast and every heavy breath she takes.

Hooves and neighs of horses could be heard just somewhere not far from her and her heart started to jump wildly as Zhao Yi Fei looks around her surrounding. Finally, the silhouette of the horses could be seen and the faces of her pursuers was much clearer than the blur lines she saw earlier when running.

She tried to move but the sharp pain that was coming from her head and arm was making her eyes not focus. Her mouth quivered as fear started to seep into her bones as she could imagine her pursuers coming closer and the thought of what they will do to her put a heavy blow her in head.

"My lady, the cat and mice chase has ended and has tired all of us... Why don't we all stop and just get it over with?" A rugged voice rang through Zhao Yi Fei's ear and she could swear this was Sir Bo Qin's voice, her father's left hand man and

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