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Chapter 622: The Entertainment Industry is Magical

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw the post on the official police blog.

What kind of development was this?

Xia Xibei and Cui Tong were in the entertainment industry. It was normal for them to sing and dance and act, but how did they get involved with a fugitive?

When the press statement was released later on, everyone was in a trance.

Xia Xibei and Cui Tong caught a fugitive? Was this some kind of new prank?

Some people wanted to yell at this official blog.

‘Please don’t get involved in the entertainment business! You have to be a good official blogger to fight crime and evil, okay?’

Fortunately, the official blog soon posted a video.

After watching the video, everyone was left speechless.

[Crap! I’m kneeling!]

[Crap! Sister Bei, please accept my worship!]

[I finally know why those fans switched idols. Sister Bei is too handsome! I have a crush, a total girl crush on her!]

[Wow, finally decoded! Sister Bei is awesome!]

The video was provided by a fan.

Every time they visited the show before, the fans would record and post it online to share with other fans, and this time was naturally no exception.

They were very excited, so the camera was a little shaky and made everyone dizzy, but the content was clear.

In the video, Xia Xibei rushed towards them with an expressionless face, then reached out her hand towards a direction.

After grabbing the man from inside the crowd, she kicked him over and he fell to his knees.

Even if the video was noisy, everyone could hear the crisp sound of kneeling.

Xia Xibei’s action first shocked everyone, then made them confused and angry— what was she doing?

It was not until “He is a fugitive” came out that all the people suddenly realized.

Damn, the fugitive was hiding among the fans!

When they saw the knife found on the fugitive, everyone felt chills run down their backs.

If this knife was used…

The video wasn’t over yet.

The fugitive tried to fight, but he was kicked backwards by Xia Xibei, screaming in pain.

The camera quickly focused on Xia Xibei’s face; the calm and relaxed expression made the hearts of the people in front of the screen beat wildly.

Too handsome!

The video ended when the fugitive was caught by the security guards, but the excitement in everyone’s hearts did not calm down.

[Too handsome! Sister Bei is fierce! So damn handsome!]

[The first time I saw a handsome woman! Feel my phantom limb getting hard!]

[I know Sister Bei is awesome, but it’s the first time I’ve seen her so awesome! Really too handsome! If it was me, I would just run away from it!]

[This fugitive has killed several people! It would have been awful if he had used a knife!]

[How did this fugitive get among the fans? How come we didn’t check? This is too scary! It’s a good thing that tragedy didn’t happen, or else…]

[I finally understand wh

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