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History\'s Strongest Senior Brother

Author: 八月飞鹰

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Updated: 2022-05-20 12:45:05

Latest chapter: Chapter 1724: Three Fights & Three Wins

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《History\'s Strongest Senior Brother》Latest chapter
Chapter 1724: Three Fights & Three Wins
Chapter 1723: Whac-A-Mole On Those Heads!
Chapter 1722: Supreme Song of Dao, Grand Virtual Suppressing Grand Heavenly!
Chapter 1721: I'm Here For the Nine Brains of Yours
Chapter 1720: Farewell
Chapter 1715: Fakes Are Just Fakes
Chapter 1714: Yan Zhaoge's Shadow
Chapter 1713: Sore Loser
Chapter 1712: The Long Lost Treasure of Daoist Zhunti
Chapter 1711: The Level-headed Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 1710: Everyone Has Their Own Need
Chapter 1709: Two Ne Zha
《History\'s Strongest Senior Brother》' main text
Chapter 1724: Three Fights & Three Wins
Chapter 1723: Whac-A-Mole On Those Heads!
Chapter 1722: Supreme Song of Dao, Grand Virtual Suppressing Grand Heavenly!
Chapter 1721: I'm Here For the Nine Brains of Yours
Chapter 1720: Farewell
Chapter 1715: Fakes Are Just Fakes
Chapter 1714: Yan Zhaoge's Shadow
Chapter 1713: Sore Loser
Chapter 1712: The Long Lost Treasure of Daoist Zhunti
Chapter 1711: The Level-headed Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 1710: Everyone Has Their Own Need
Chapter 1709: Two Ne Zha
Chapter 1708: I'm Seeking A Fight
Chapter 1707 - Visiting the Daoism's Universe
Chapter 1706 - Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner
Chapter 1705 - Undefeated
Chapter 1704 - Grand Daoism Physique
Chapter 1703 - Easily Captured!
Chapter 1702 - Ending the Karma
Chapter 1701 - Let's Leave It To Fate Then
Chapter 1700 - Unruly
Chapter 1699 - Home Field Advantage
Chapter 1698 - Spectating the Battle
Chapter 1697 - Ne Zha Vs. Dipankara!
Chapter 1696 - Duel
Chapter 1695 - Into The Western Pure Lands
Chapter 1694: Deterrent Empty City Strategy
Chapter 1693: Thick Skinned
Chapter 1692: Ruining the Atmosphere
Chapter 1691: Two Flowers Converged Crown, Shocking The Heavens
Chapter 1690: Provoking At Their Door
Chapter 1689: Ne Zha's Letter Of Challenge
Chapter 1688: Opportunity of Transcending Into A Dao Ancestor
Chapter 1687: The Truth Is Often Cruel
Chapter 1686: Nine Underworlds' True Intention
Chapter 1685: Pushing The Advantage
Chapter 1684: What's Real?
Chapter 1683: Heart Devil's Recovery
Chapter 1682: Coercion
Chapter 1681: It's A Deal, But It's Also A Confrontation
Chapter 1680: Raising The Price To Hid The Plan
Chapter 1679: Striking A Deal With Nine Underworlds
Chapter 1678: Daoism Universe
Chapter 1677: Yan Zhaoge's Arrangement
Chapter 1676: Five Sariras
Chapter 1675: Yu Ye Woke Up
Chapter 1674: I Have Waited Too Long For This Moment
Chapter 1673: Completely Worry-free
Chapter 1672: I Shall Send You To Oblivion
Chapter 1671: Reaping The Benefits
Chapter 1670: An Aggravated Cooperation
Chapter 1669: Illuminate
Chapter 1668 - A Distasteful Honorary Title
Chapter 1667: Snatching Someone
Chapter 1666: A Trivial Episode
Chapter 1665: Bai Huaxiu
Chapter 778: The Heir Is Dead
Chapter 777: Cutting Corners
Chapter 1664: When The Situation Calls For Unorthodox Method
Chapter 1663: Kui Mulang
Chapter 1662: Clues To Soul Dissevering Jade
Chapter 1661: Nightlife
Chapter 1660: Hope & Faith
Chapter 1659: Peerless Annihilation Sword
Chapter 1658: Seizing The Flag!
Chapter 1657: Mockery
Chapter 1656: The Same Demeanor But A Different Person
Chapter 1655: A Familiar Figure
Chapter 1654: Buddhist Stupa
Chapter 1653: Homeland Of Buddhism
Chapter 1652: Each Had Their Own Plans
Chapter 1651: Secret Plan
Chapter 1650: Sloth & Gluttony
Chapter 775: A Ritual
Chapter 1649: Fighting For Sarira
Chapter 1648: Master & Disciple
Chapter 1647: Inseparable
Chapter 1646 - Shatter The Skull
Chapter 1645 - Hammering
Chapter 771: Lack of Evidence
Chapter 1644: Fighting Against the Buddhas
Chapter 1643: The Intricate Karma
Chapter 1642: The Lure & The Trigger
Chapter 1641: Whoever Started the Trouble Should End It
Chapter 1640: Fuming Hatred
Chapter 1639 - Blessing & Misfortune Coexist
Chapter 1638 - Treasured Lotus Incarnated Form
Chapter 1637 - Great Desolate Origin Schloss
Chapter 1636 - Can't I Kill You?
Chapter 1635 - Suppress Everyone!
Chapter 1634 - : Who Will Guide Me?
Chapter 1633 - Younger Senior
Chapter 1632 - Disappearance
Chapter 1631 - Single Flower Converged Crown, Universal Almightiness
Chapter 1630 - A Hundred Years
Chapter 1629 - Cycle of Supplanting
Chapter 1628 - Differences Between the Three Flowers
Chapter 769: A Perfect Case Report
Chapter 1627: Accumulations Take Effect, Outburst of Experts
Chapter 1626: The More The Merrier
Chapter 1625: Yan Zhaoge's Wild Idea
Chapter 1624: Retain Defensive Stance, with Some On Assault
Chapter 1623: Prosperity Shall Finally Arrive
Chapter 1622: Tacit Agreement
Chapter 1621 - Differing From the Past
Chapter 1620 - Once Liberated from Constraints, Insurrection Shall Begin
Chapter 1619 - Establishing a New World, Prelude of a New Chapter
Chapter 1618 - Those Who Coveted the Dao Realm
Chapter 1617 - Giving Others a Chance, Giving Yourself a Chance
Chapter 1616 - The Supreme Heavenly Devil and The Faceless Heavenly Devil
Chapter 1615 - A Great Demon's Entire Carcass is Filled with Treasures
Chapter 1614 - Bountiful Harvest
Chapter 1613 - Spoils of War
Chapter 1612 - Chasms and Peaks
Chapter 1611 - Some Delighted and Some In Dismay
Chapter 1610 - Rage Won't Compensate for Failure
Chapter 1609 - More Than Four Strings
Chapter 1608 - The Most Ruthless Formation in History!
Chapter 1607 - Hand Rises, and Sword Descends
Chapter 1606 - Overlord of Grand Heavenly Realm!
Chapter 1605 - Great Sage! Great Sage!
Chapter 1604: Mahamayuri! Mahamayuri!
Chapter 1603 - The Golden Monkey Wields the Ponderous Cudgel, Cleansing the Universe of All Filths
Chapter 1602 - United We Stand!
Chapter 1601 - Seizing the Immortal Extermination Formation
Chapter 1600 - Unforeseen Attacks From All Sides!
Chapter 1599 - Who Art the True Charlatan, the White Lotus or Thou?
Chapter 1598 - The Almighty Yang Erlang!
Chapter 1597 - Two Strands of Strings
Chapter 1596: Heaven Severing Against Sea Suppression!
Chapter 1595: Exchange of Blows, Exhibition of Abilities
Chapter 1594: Immortal Extermination Formation Against Nine Bends Yellow River Formation!
Chapter 1593: Gathering of Paragons
Chapter 1592: Nothing Would Be Obtained If No Risks Were Taken
Chapter 1591: Special Treasure
Chapter 1590: Heaven Splitting Halberd, Chaos Disintegration
Chapter 1589: Kill In the Presence of Others!
Chapter 1588: Pulverise Buddhism's Golden Body!
Chapter 1587: You Have No Say in Our Titles!
Chapter 1586: Demons and Buddhas Joining Forces
Chapter 1585: Method of Deception
Chapter 1584: Taking Separate Actions
Chapter 1583: A Miracle to Behold
Chapter 1582: Five Qis Unification, Grand Virtual Realm
Chapter 1581: Stepping Stone of Transcendence
Chapter 1580: Four-stringed Decrepit Qin
Chapter 1579 - Time to Compete In Acting Skills Again
Chapter 1578 - Sea Suppressing Pearl
Chapter 1577 - Dipankara Archaic Buddha
Chapter 1576 - The Exchange In the Tushita Palace
Chapter 1575 - Only Time Will Tell
Chapter 1574 - Soul Evoking Bell
Chapter 1573 - Exchanging An Opportunity
Chapter 1572 - Where Does the Plan Come From?
Chapter 1571 - Counterplan
Chapter 1570 - The Last Sword of the Immortal Exterminating Four Swords
Chapter 1569 - Jade Clear's Number-One Successor
Chapter 1568 - Who Are You?
Chapter 1567 - Earth Queen
Chapter 1566 - The Jade Illusory Palace that Appeared Momentarily
Chapter 1565 - Name Spreading Through the Five Worlds
Chapter 1564 - Acquiring the Immortal Extermination Sword
Chapter 1563 - Unparalleled Might
Chapter 1562 - Devilish Saber, Unsheathed
Chapter 1561 - Assassination
Chapter 1560 - Completely Inverse Approach
Chapter 1559 - Untold to the World, A Display of Masquerade
Chapter 1558 - Don't Eat Raw
Chapter 1557 - : Three Monkeys Against A Lion and An Elephant
Chapter 1556 - No Longer Brethrens
Chapter 1555 - Attachments of the Past Are Long Gone
Chapter 1554 - Where Is The Lord of Broad Accomplishment?
Chapter 1553 - Suitable Candidate
Chapter 1552 - Commotions Arising, Upheavals Unending
Chapter 1551 - The Sword In Possession by Someone Else
Chapter 1550 - Reversal
Chapter 1549 - The Closer You Are to the Dao Realm, The Harder It Is
Chapter 1548 - Pursuit of the Origin Heavenly
Chapter 1547 - Good News and Bad News
Chapter 1546 - Fighting Against the Cruel Law of Nature
Chapter 1545 - In All Aspects
Chapter 1544 - Change The World
Chapter 1543 - Broad Creed's New Sect Leader
Chapter 1542 - Leading Figure of the Sky Beyond Skies
Chapter 1541 - Low-key Development
Chapter 1540 - 49 Years Later
Chapter 1539 - Immortal Exterminating Sword & Immortal Ending Sword
Chapter 1538 - Two Swords in Possession
Chapter 1537 - The Great Calamity of Yore
Chapter 1536 - Silhouette of Eternity
Chapter 1535 - Place of Belonging
Chapter 1534 - Turning Hoax Into Reality
Chapter 1533 - A Life For a Life
Chapter 1532 - Ruthless Weapon
Chapter 1531 - : Sense of Mundaneness
Chapter 1530 - Sword Of Six Paths Of Reincarnation
Chapter 1529 - Two Generations Of Sword Buddha
Chapter 1528 - Unleashing the Seal
Chapter 1527 - What About Sword Buddha?
Chapter 1526 - Sealing the Buddha
Chapter 1525 - Peerless Sword Duo
Chapter 1524 - The Legend of Yore
Chapter 1523 - There Are Some Things You Won't Understand
Chapter 1522 - Blood Ritual
Chapter 1521 - Entrapped in the Jade Spring World
Chapter 1520 - Jade Cauldron Legacy
Chapter 1519 - Immortal Trapping Sword
Chapter 1518 - : Meetings of Controversies
Chapter 1517 - Six Sword Buddha
Chapter 1516 - Grandiose Dream Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1515 - Camouflage and Deception
Chapter 1514 - The First Clue
Chapter 1513 - Locating the Swords
Chapter 1512 - Taiyi Nirvana Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1511 - Humanly Essence Stone
Chapter 1510 - Armistice
Chapter 1509 - The Immortal Court's Counterattack
Chapter 1508 - New Trump Cards
Chapter 1507 - Yan Zhaoge's Sense of Urgency
Chapter 1506 - Experience Suffering Despite Doing Nothing
Chapter 1505 - Target: World beyond Worlds
Chapter 1504 - Mahamayuri
Chapter 1503 - The Buddhas of the West
Chapter 1502 - The Strongest Lineage
Chapter 1501 - Unexpected Rewards
Chapter 1500 - Only Death Awaits You!
Chapter 1499 - Resurgence of the Legends!
Chapter 1498 - Victorious Fighting Buddha? Great Sage Equalling Heavens!
Chapter 1497 - Causing Havoc In the Immortal Court!
Chapter 1496 - Triumphing Over Heavenly Immortals!
Chapter 1495 - The Wind And Thunder Is Raging
Chapter 1494 - Yan Zhaoge's Decision
Chapter 1493 - He Mian's Whereabouts
Chapter 1492 - Detest Traitors Even More
Chapter 1491 - Tracking the Traitor
Chapter 1490 - Kneel & Die
Chapter 1489 - The New Generation Sword Devil
Chapter 1488 - Sanguinary Battle in the Nine Underworlds
Chapter 1487 - Preface of the World's Establishment, Genesis of Myriads
Chapter 1486 - Sword Battle in the Land of Tranquil Streams
Chapter 1485 - Escape and Clues
Chapter 1484 - Unleashing Four Swords Together
Chapter 1483 - Sword Transforming Into Chaos, Path to Peerlessness Open
Chapter 1482 - Dual Sword AmalgamationChapter 1482
Chapter 1481 - Supreme Martial Arts That Can Only Be Practiced By One Person
Chapter 1480 - Snatching After the Immortal Extermination Formation
Chapter 1479 - The Existence that Shattered the Immortal Court's Final Straw of Security
Chapter 1478 - Slaying Dragons and Capturing Immortal
Chapter 1477 - Bottomless, Limitless
Chapter 1476 - Shocking Everyone with Martial Prowess
Chapter 1475 - Instant Kill
Chapter 1474 - Needle In The Universe
Chapter 1473 - Lord of Plentiful Treasure's Burial Spot
Chapter 1472 - Idealism Holds No Grounds In the Face of Reality
Chapter 1471 - Perishment of a Bigwig
Chapter 1470 - Humanoid Automated Teller Machine, Voiced Treasured Pouch
Chapter 1469 - The Third Round
Chapter 1468 - Golden Body of the Great Sage
Chapter 1467 - Tranquil Profound Immortal Realm
Chapter 1466 - Causing Havoc in the Heavenly Palace!
Chapter 1465 - Visiting the Two Boundaries Mountain for the Third Time
Chapter 1464 - A Blessing In Disguise
Chapter 1463 - Is It Amusing Now?
Chapter 1462 - This is Merely the Beginning
Chapter 1461 - I Can't Finish the Wine In My Chalice, Yet My Sorrow of Parting Has Vanished
Chapter 1460 - Lived Up to the Trust
Chapter 1459 - Defeating the Buddha
Chapter 1458 - Immortal Extermination Formation!
Chapter 1457 - Fight Against a Grand Heavenly Realm!
Chapter 1456 - Ending in Failure
Chapter 1455 - Change of Situation
Chapter 1454 - Prime Clear Ten Scriptures' Final Scripture – the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture!
Chapter 1453 - Wherever the Sword Passes, Those Wounded Shall Perish!
Chapter 1452 - Immortal Slaughtering Sword
Chapter 1451 - Fall from the Skies to the Chasm, Rise from the Abyss to the Skies
Chapter 1450 - Sending the Maiden to the West
Chapter 1449 - Mightiness of the Grand Heavenly Realm
Chapter 1448 - Fight Against the Cosmos, Bending Yin and Yang Into Reversal
Chapter 1447 - Soaring About, Leaving All Enemies Behind!
Chapter 1446 - Speed ​​Advantage
Chapter 1445 - Lightning Mirror Smiting Devils, Soaring Massive Sword
Chapter 1444 - All Sorts of Preparations
Chapter 1443 - An Abundance of Hidden Worries
Chapter 1442 - Lord of Plentiful Treasure's Whereabouts
Chapter 1441 - Prime Clear Dormant Formation
Chapter 1440 - The Queer Tradition of Transitioning Duels Into Marriage
Chapter 1439 - Confrontation with the Primordial Heart Devil
Chapter 1438 - The Troubles Come One After Another
Chapter 1437 - Yin Yang Reversal Distortion Awl
Chapter 1436 - Reversal of the Heart Devil, Lashing the Group of Demons!
Chapter 1435 - The Answer That Came a Millennium too Late
Chapter 1434 - Anti-Devil Countering Rune
Chapter 1433 - This Round Isn't Over Yet!
Chapter 1432 - The New Ice Devil
Chapter 1431 - Thousand Scales Leaping the Dragon Gate!
Chapter 1430 - Shattering Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation
Chapter 1429 - The Vine Sovereign's Decision
Chapter 1428 - Unexpected Changes
Chapter 1427 - Thousand Scales Mirror, Star Shooting Bow!
Chapter 1426 - Hostage
Chapter 1425 - A Creation with EaChapter Attack, a New Era with Each Step!
Chapter 1424 - Blissful Myriad Devils Formation
Chapter 1423 - Close Ties
Chapter 1422 - Flurry of Devils
Chapter 1421 - Unprecedented Invention
Chapter 1420 - Chaotic Heavenly Devil Slaying Ritual
Chapter 1419 - Regain the Upper Hand
Chapter 1418 - Domain of Thousand Scales
Chapter 1417 - Seize the Initiative
Chapter 1416 - Take the Initiative Instead
Chapter 1415 - Ten Years War Treaty
Chapter 1414 - Vileness of the Nine Underworlds
Chapter 1413 - Heaven Containing Purified Soul
Chapter 1412 - A Load Off the Mind
Chapter 1411 - Put In Your Effort, and Leave the Rest Up to Fate
Chapter 1410 - Soon
Chapter 1409 - Earth Devil
Chapter 1408 - Surprise
Chapter 1407 - Canghua Tree Duo
Chapter 1406 - Life Is Impermanent, and Full Of Mockery
Chapter 1405 - Weaken All the Way Till the Bottom!
Chapter 1404 - Supreme Early Heaven, One Prana Three Clears
Chapter 1403 - Immortal Bewitching Pil, Secluded Immortal Mantra
Chapter 1402 - I Have The Final Say Over Your Lives
Chapter 1401 - Your Retribution is Me!
Chapter 1400 - The Immortal Realm Doesn't Welcome You!
Chapter 1399 - Joint Ambush
Chapter 1398 - Bright Connection's Remains
Chapter 1397 - Most Truthful at the Brink of Death
Chapter 1396 - Starry River Tributary
Chapter 1395 - With a Broader Vision, Your Mind Will be Broader As Well
Chapter 1394 - : Abnormally Calm
Chapter 1393 - Means to Compensate
Chapter 1392 - A Goose Pecked My Eyes for the Second Time
Chapter 1391 - Do You Truly Think No One Can Punish You?
Chapter 1390 - Doomsday Saber, Encompassing Abyssal Absolute Annihilation!
Chapter 1389 - Blood Must be Shed Today
Chapter 1388 - Yin Yang Nine Splendour Seven Treasures Array Formation!
Chapter 1387 - New Generation Surpassing the Old Generation
Chapter 1386 - Traveling Monk Hui An
Chapter 1385 - A Fortunate Timing to Act
Chapter 1384 - Comply
Chapter 1383 - You're Not the One Making Decisions Here
Chapter 1382 - Cruel Truth
Chapter 1381 - Gao Han Stirring Up Problems
Chapter 1380 - Young Heavenly Lord
Chapter 1379 - Three Thousand Immortal Realm
Chapter 1378 - Cyclic Heavenly Seal Fragment
Chapter 1377 - Have you lost something? Look for Gao Han instead!
Chapter 1376 - A Famous Family
Chapter 1375 - Three Brilliances Sacred Water
Chapter 1374 - Face-to-Face for the First Time
Chapter 1373 - Panda Slave
Chapter 1372 - Yan Zhaoge's Recklessness
Chapter 1371 - Wukong's Request
Chapter 1370 - The Unyielding One Would be the True Great Sage!
Chapter 1369 - Monkey Sun's Wrath
Chapter 1368 - Battle of the Journey to the West
Chapter 1367 - Great Sage Equalling Heavens!
Chapter 1366 - The Seal Beneath the Mountain Still Exists
Chapter 1365 - Victorious Fighting Buddha Vs Bull Demon King
Chapter 1364 - Namo Victorious Fighting Buddha
Chapter 1363 - The Queer Two Boundaries Mountain
Chapter 1362 - Blessed Lands Of The White Lotus
Chapter 1361 - Younger Generation Are Strong Enough
Chapter 1360 - Where the Daoism Heavenly Lord Could See
Chapter 1359 - Heading Towards the Five Elements Mountain Once More
Chapter 1358 - : Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor
Chapter 1357 - Afraid of Progressing Too Fast
Chapter 1356 - Someone Wants To See You
Chapter 1355 - Fallen Deity Returning to Beyond the Nine Heavens
Chapter 1354 - Break Through the Immortal Mortal Tribulation, Cease to Be Mortal!
Chapter 1353 - World Creation!
Chapter 1352 - The End of an Era
Chapter 1351 - Suppress the Demons!
Chapter 1350 - Revert Back To Original Form In One Punch!
Chapter 1349 - Pill Hall’s Fighting Stance
Chapter 1348 - Battle Against the Group of Demons
Chapter 1347 - Saber Breaking Ru Yi
Chapter 1346 - Dual Swordplay
Chapter 1345 - A Sword After a Thousand Years!
Chapter 1344 - Without Further Ado
Chapter 1343 - Arrived At an Opportune Moment
Chapter 1342 - Hundred Eyed Demon Lord
Chapter 1341 - Battle Unfolding Amidst the War Drums
Chapter 1340 - The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 1339 - Group of Demons Making Plans
Chapter 1338 - Making Preparations
Chapter 1337 - Green Duckweed Mountain, Green Duckweed Sword
Chapter 1336 - Taking Away Even the Roving Jade Heavens!
Chapter 1335 - Is the Supreme Elder Lord Still Alive?
Chapter 1334 - One Bountiful Harvest After Another
Chapter 1333 - Mythical Figure
Chapter 1332 - Return to the Roving Jade Heavens Again
Chapter 1331 - Final Step of the Current Cultivation
Chapter 1330 - The Silhouette Behind the History
Chapter 1329 - Pure Lands and the Blessed Lands of Saha
Chapter 1328 - Movements in the Astro Mountains Starry Sea
Chapter 1327 - Development of the Era
Chapter 1326 - The Immortal Door that Gradually Became Clearer
Chapter 1325 - Heretics, Externally But Not Internally
Chapter 1324 - The Exalted Earth Luminary Who Felt Terrible
Chapter 1323 - Wood Devil, Becoming as Real as One’s Shadow
Chapter 1322 - Contributions Wasn’t Limited to This
Chapter 1321 - It Wasn’t Just Me Who Saw It
Chapter 1320 - The Art of Severing Feeling’s Parasitism
Chapter 1319 - Immeasurable Heavenly Lord’s Reliance
Chapter 1318 - The Hidden Dangers Of The Pill Hall
Chapter 1317 - Reunion After All The Hardships
Chapter 1316 - Everyone, Welcome to a Whole New World
Chapter 1315 - In the Wider World, There are More Talented People
Chapter 1314 - Supreme Exalt Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 1313 - Yan Zhaoge’s Fallen Deity Sword
Chapter 1312 - Slaying Four Spirits
Chapter 1311 - Welcome! Coincidentally, I’m Lacking Some Experimental Subjects!
Chapter 1310 - Someone Who Was Also Familiar With The Pill Hall
Chapter 1309 - Take Away More Than Half of the World Beyond Worlds!
Chapter 1308 - Regain Control Over the Universe and Change the World!
Chapter 1307 - Doomsday Annihilation Blade
Chapter 1306 - Swallow the Heavens and Devour The Sun
Chapter 1305 - Compete with Each Other Again
Chapter 1304 - Radiance of Sun and Moon
Chapter 1303 - Who Will Wake Up From This Illusion First? I’m Aware Of It Myself
Chapter 1302 - It’s a Pity You Don’t Know Who I am
Chapter 1301 - Yan Zhaoge’s Plan
Chapter 1300 - The Time is Ripe
Chapter 1299 - Fight Everyone That’s Unresigned!
Chapter 1298 - Heavenly Immortal’s Grand Physique, An Everlasting and Unbounded Existence
Chapter 1297 - Thousand Years of Waiting
Chapter 1296 - Bigger Havoc
Chapter 1295 - Phenomenon of Calamity Descending
Chapter 1294 - Martial God Severing the Heavens
Chapter 1293 - North Star Upper Palace Heavenly Sovereign Emperor
Chapter 1292 - People of Different Factions Wouldn’t Come to an Agreement With Each Other
Chapter 1291 - The Battle of Opposing Paths
Chapter 1290 - The Return Of Exalted Earth Luminary
Chapter 1289 - Perish in Silence
Chapter 1288 - Return of an Acquaintance from the North?
Chapter 1287 - Improvement of the Creation Sabre
Chapter 1286 - The Loophole Within the Rules
Chapter 1285 - A Storm is Brewing
Chapter 1284 - Martial God Suo Mingzhang
Chapter 1283 - Origins of World Beyond Worlds
Chapter 1282 - Seven Attacks to Decide the Outcome of the Battle
Chapter 1281 - One-foot-long Broken Cold Sabre
Chapter 1280 - The Battle of the Nine Luminaries
Chapter 1279 - Astro Sovereign Vs. Concealed Sovereign
Chapter 1278 - The Power Structure Would Be Gone Forever
Chapter 1277 - Abyss of the Nine Underworlds Devilish Sea
Chapter 1276 - Difficulties in Cultivation
Chapter 1275 - Sheathe Edge to Nurture Sword
Chapter 1274 - Revenge
Chapter 1273 - Get Rich Overnight
Chapter 1272 - Taking Control Over the Pill Hall
Chapter 1271 - One Slash to Obtain Victory
Chapter 1270 - Sword Splitting the Heavens and Earth
Chapter 1269 - Turn The Tides!
Chapter 1268 - True Alliance
Chapter 1267 - Possessing a Earlier Heaven Nascent Form!
Chapter 1266 - Grand Virtual Immortal, Sonorous Voice of the Great Dao
Chapter 1265 - Collude
Chapter 1264 - Transforming Qin Melody to Sword, Entering Dao Through Melody
Chapter 1263 - Ancient Old Demon
Chapter 1262 - You Look Delicious
Chapter 1261 - Without Comparison, No Harm Would Be Done
Chapter 1260 - Incompetent Teammates Will Drag the Teammates Down, But Bulls Would Do the Same As Well
Chapter 1259 - Bull-Headed Fellow
Chapter 1258 - Suicide Expert
Chapter 1257 - Yan Zhaoge’s Past And Present
Chapter 1256 - The Historical Figure Inside the Purple Divine Pavilion
Chapter 1255 - The Division of the Roving Jade Heavens
Chapter 1254 - The New Generation Winning the Older Generation
Chapter 1253 - : In Front Of Me, No One Can Be Called A Prodigy
Chapter 1252 - Top Three Among the True Immortals
Chapter 1251 - From Today Onwards, Your Title Will Change From Eight Heavens To Seven Heavens
Chapter 1250 - How Many People Are There In The World? Divine Pills
Chapter 1249 - An Abundance of Divine Pills
Chapter 1248 - The Core Location of the Pill Hall
Chapter 1247 - : Containing A World On It’s Own, The Universe Inside The Hall
Chapter 1246 - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Chapter 1245 - The Strangeness Of The Pagoda
Chapter 1244 - Quiet And Moving Demons
Chapter 1243 - Prideful Sword of the Divine Lands
Chapter 1242 - The Helper Arrived
Chapter 1241 - The Fifth Person
Chapter 1240 - The True Human Exalt
Chapter 1239 - Beating People Like Planting Trees, Burying from Head to Toe Into The Ground
Chapter 1238 - Another Death Awaits!
Chapter 1237 - The Fall of The Five Emperors
Chapter 1236 - Unparalleled. Wiping Out the Enemies Fast as Thunder!
Chapter 1235 - Suppress Everyone!
Chapter 1234 - Beat the True Immortals until They Kneel
Chapter 1233 - The Strongest Martial Saint Realm since The Beginning of History!
Chapter 1232 - Martial Saint Realm Tenth Level, Supreme Exalt Among Human!
Chapter 1231 - Siege
Chapter 1230: Won’t You Be Ashamed to Face Your Ancestors?
Chapter 1229: Expose Himself on His Own
Chapter 1228: The Path to Be an Exal
Chapter 1227: Immortal Court? They Are Nobodies Except For the Heavenly Lord!
Chapter 1226: The Third Promise I Owed You
Chapter 1225: Exalted Fire Luminary and Exalted Wood Luminary
Chapter 1224: Thousand Years Flower Bloomed
Chapter 1223: Yan Zhaoge Was Everywhere
Chapter 1222: A Trick
Chapter 1221: The Original Nebula
Chapter 1220: Ask a Tiger for Its Skin
Chapter 1219: The Arrogant Immortal Cour
Chapter 1218: Opponents Always Me
Chapter 1217: They Used to Be a Couple
Chapter 1216: Candle Sunlight Emperor
Chapter 1215: Die for Justice
Chapter 1214: The Last Battle of His Life
Chapter 1213: The Strange Movements of The Dim Radiant Wheel
Chapter 1212: Domineering, Arrogan
Chapter 1211: Enter the Immortal Court Again
Chapter 1210: What on Earth Is the Relationship Between the Two of You?
Chapter 1209: An Easy Capture
Chapter 1208: Regarding Tenth Level of Demon King of Nothing
Chapter 1207: Fire Dragon World
Chapter 1206: Transforming into the North Ocean Clone
Chapter 1205: Heaven Opening Scripture
Chapter 1204: Someone Became an Immortal
Chapter 1203: A Timely Rain Watering the Precious Tree
Chapter 1202: The Ginseng Fruit Tree Which Had Been Grafted
Chapter 1201: Yan Zhaoge in Indignation
Chapter 1200: Rebuild the Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 1199: The Essential Daoism Sect, the Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 1198: Sword Sovereign's Message
Chapter 1197: Astro Sovereign Blocking The Door
Chapter 1196: Not In The Same Camp
Chapter 1195: The Shadow In The World Beyond Worlds
Chapter 1194: You Have To See Me
Chapter 1193: Come After Concealed Sovereign Translator: DragonRider
Chapter 1192: The Possibility of the Immortal Court Getting Involved
Chapter 1191: Regret for Thousands of Years
Chapter 1190: Astro Sovereign Showed Up Translator: DragonRider
Chapter 1189: No One Knows Her Better Than You Translator: DragonRider
Chapter 1188: The Moment You Saw That, Retreat Translator: DragonRider
Chapter 1187: Jie Mingkong Opened Her Eyes Translator: DragonRider
Chapter 1186: I Have Already Gone Crazy Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 1185: Even If You Would Hate Me For This
Chapter 1184: Female Emperor's Pas
Chapter 1183: The Cause Before, The Effect Today
Chapter 1182: Instruction From Astro Sovereign
Chapter 1181: New Nine Luminaries Of Kunlun
Chapter 1180: Thousands Of Years In Suppressing A Demon
Chapter 1179: Exalted Water Luminary
Chapter 1178: Meeting Astro Sovereign At Las
Chapter 1177: Beat Around The Bush
Chapter 1176: Encountering The Female Emperor
Chapter 1175: The Demonized Buddha
Chapter 1174: The Search For Astro Sovereign
Chapter 1173: The Road From True Immortal To Profound Immortal
Chapter 1172: The Leakless True Immortal versus the Tranquil Profound Immortal
Chapter 1171: Destroy Your Mountain and Pull Out Your Tree
Chapter 1170: Barge in Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 1169: Tit for Ta
Chapter 1168: Central Kunlun, East Broad Creed
Chapter 1167: The battle that shook the World beyond Worlds
Chapter 1166: Joy and tragedy
Chapter 1165: This is just a great big pit waiting for someone to fall inside i
Chapter 1164: Heavenly Lords of Daoism
Chapter 1163: Exalted Solar Luminary
Chapter 1162: Counterplan
Chapter 1161: Mother and son mee
Chapter 1160: Today’s battle is only the beginning
Chapter 1159: If others won’t reap your old bones, I will!
Chapter 1158: We cannot coexis
Chapter 1157: Sword in hand, even Immortals flee!
Chapter 1156: Yan Zhaoge goes 1v2
Chapter 1155: The heavens crush the earth!
Chapter 1154: Creation Sabre, Extinguishing Heaven!
Chapter 1153: Yours is but a sham!
Chapter 1152: Yan Di battles Upper and Lower!
Chapter 1151: Sabre overshadows the earth!
Chapter 1150: Yan Di returns
Chapter 1149: Inextinguishable in earlier heaven, presiding loftily in universe
Chapter 1148: I help my kin, not logic
Chapter 1147: We have been waiting for this day too
Chapter 1146: A truly unforgettable scene
Chapter 1145: Ninth level Martial Saint vs True Immortal!
Chapter 1144: Ninth level of the Martial Saint realm, late Immortal Bridge stage!
Chapter 1143: One after another
Chapter 1142: Operation Capturing Crane begins
Chapter 1141: Two full generations beneath her husband?!
Chapter 1140: A certain wily fatty
Chapter 1139: The tribulation beckoneth
Chapter 1138: Three year anniversary
Chapter 1137: Income skyrocketing
Chapter 1136: No lack of customers
Chapter 1135: The bastard’s a no-show!
Chapter 1134: The unethical merchant Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 1133: Limited stock, high demand
Chapter 1132: To the highest bidder
Chapter 1131: Mass anticipation
Chapter 1130: One year of cultivation equivalent to others’ many years
Chapter 1129: Finally, after a long time
Chapter 1128: The spectacular Heavenly Mysteries Pavilion
Chapter 1127: History’s Most Exaggerated Exalt’s cave manor
Chapter 1126: Grand harvest of Grand Clear direct lineage supreme martial arts
Chapter 1125: I have strong morals
Chapter 1124: One Sword Shocking God, Earlier Heaven Nascent Form
Chapter 1123: Long since having an owner, Southern Heavens Sheer Sword
Chapter 1122: Things Chen Qianhua would do
Chapter 1121: The newly appointed Southern Exalt
Chapter 1120: News on the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace
Chapter 1119: The World beyond Worlds’ number one Emperor
Chapter 1118: The Emperor who is not like an Emperor
Chapter 1117: Titles cannot be randomly assumed
Chapter 1116: Nine Heavens Soaring Solo Crane, Fragrant Splendour Fills Divine Lands
Chapter 1115: The thick dark history
Chapter 1114: Subtle, wondrous fate
Chapter 1113: Sword Dao Ever Through Straight Centre True, Vile Wretches Often End Impure Impaled Cold
Chapter 1112: A frank ‘I lose’
Chapter 1111: Getting to know each other through sparring?
Chapter 1110: The depressed sword cultivators of the Prime Clear lineage
Chapter 1109: What a Fallen Deity indeed!
Chapter 1108: Lotus pond deciphering sword, Immortal Exterminating Sword Manual
Chapter 1107: Old residence of the Sword Emperor
Chapter 1106: Jade Clear direct lineage and Prime Clear direct lineage
Chapter 1105: First meeting with bigwig of the Prime Clear lineage
Chapter 1104: Immortal Artifact, Heavenly Heart Ruler
Chapter 1103: Roving Jade Heavens
Chapter 1102: Young but with great seniority
Chapter 1101: Contest between two Emperors
Chapter 1100: Yin and yang of Taiji, black and white Brocade Emperors
Chapter 1099: Strong exterior, weak interior
Chapter 1098: The same method once more
Chapter 1097: Being surprised by others
Chapter 1096: Two madmen are worse than one
Chapter 1095: The real ace up Yan Zhaoge’s sleeve
Chapter 1094: Gigantic black Buddha!
Chapter 1093: A venomous tiger eats not its offspring?
Chapter 1092: Sovereign of the Immortal Court
Chapter 1091: Eighth level of the Martial Saint realm, mid Immortal Bridge stage
Chapter 1090: Feng Yunsheng’s message
Chapter 1089: A light burning after death, abstruse mysteries left through millennia
Chapter 1088: The dead Emperor of the devilish dao
Chapter 1087: The peak of the Devils
Chapter 1086: Twelve Devilish Gods
Chapter 1085: Sword God, Sword Devil
Chapter 1084: Searching the Nine Underworlds
Chapter 1083: Grand Illusory Spatial Thunder
Chapter 1082: Land of tranquil stream
Chapter 1081: Dense Encompassing Emperor
Chapter 1080: The fun in swatting flies
Chapter 1079: Grand Longevity Banner
Chapter 1078: Superior in all aspects
Chapter 1077: Like swatting a fly
Chapter 1076: Do whatever you want. If I change my technique, I lose
Chapter 1075: Fallen Deity VS Heavenly Young Master
Chapter 1074: Fulfilling another’s wishes
Chapter 1073: True problem
Chapter 1072: Feng Yunsheng’s whereabouts
Chapter 1071: Thoughts regarding the Sacred Sun Clan?
Chapter 1070: The Brocade Emperor descends to the Eight Extremities World
Chapter 1069: The madman whose actions are hard to predict
Chapter 1068: A meeting long overdue
Chapter 1067: The dead are departed
Chapter 1066: Difficult to identify as friend or foe
Chapter 1065: The compromised Emperor
Chapter 1064: Amongst thousands, two have sailed
Chapter 1063: A Fallen Deity who pointlessly dabbles in everything
Chapter 1062: Skills suppressing all around
Chapter 1061: Conquest
Chapter 1060: Hidden Sea Sword, Wind Thunder Manor
Chapter 1059: Arms dealer Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 1058: Affecting the entire World beyond Worlds
Chapter 1057: A deep valley within Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 1056: Scheming while fleeing
Chapter 1055: Where it all began
Chapter 1054: Because I find it interesting
Chapter 1053: Head of the Ten Exalts
Chapter 1052: Things still aren’t over yet
Chapter 1051: To, Kunlun Mountain!
Chapter 1050: Millennia old secret
Chapter 1049: The reason behind seeking to capture Xue Chuqing
Chapter 1048: Geniuses of Daoism
Chapter 1047: Kunlun’s God Shocking Dragon, Youth Enlightening Eight Sects
Chapter 1046: Shallow water cannot sustain true dragons
Chapter 1045: Gradually becoming the well-deserved East Peak of Daoism
Chapter 1044: Father and son, Duo Fallen Deities they are
Chapter 1043: An Exalt perishes
Chapter 1042: So what if we are overbearing!
Chapter 1041: Not just a single great backer!
Chapter 1040: A Human Exalt as a junior apprentice-nephew
Chapter 1039: The arrogant, domineering Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 1038: Stomping on the shoulders of an Emperor
Chapter 1037: Earth Mother Dao Ritual, Later Earth Text!
Chapter 1036: Yan Zhaoge’s counterattack
Chapter 1035: The most impossible figure appears
Chapter 1034: The river flows again
Chapter 1033: The focal point of the battlefield
Chapter 1032: The Heaven Emperor descends
Chapter 1031: The beaten phoenix
Chapter 1030: Taiyi Fist
Chapter 1029: Skill shocking an Exalt!
Chapter 1028: Palm pressuring heaven earth suppressing fiery phoenix
Chapter 1027: Sabre breaking yin yang cleaving Red Sea
Chapter 1026: Immortal Bridge VS Human Exalt
Chapter 1025: Battle of Human Exalts
Chapter 1024: Some things can and cannot be done
Chapter 1023: Six Exalts gather at Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 1022: Broad Creed Mountain’s opening ceremony
Chapter 1021: Everything rests on today
Chapter 1020: Even without me, my legend lives on
Chapter 1019: Young Chief Yan and Second Young Master Chen
Chapter 1018: A visitor, Earthly Young Master
Chapter 1017: A big stage, I like it
Chapter 1016: Unprecedented event in the Royal Reed Sea
Chapter 1015: Seeking assistance
Chapter 1014: The phoenix weeps blood
Chapter 1013: The Exalts return
Chapter 1012: Official opening ceremony, Broad Creed Mountain gives invitations
Chapter 1011: Seventh level of the Martial Saint realm, early Immortal Bridge stage
Chapter 1010: A terrifying person
Chapter 1009: Martial Saint retainer
Chapter 1008: The Yan Family’s wives
Chapter 1007: A newly ascended legend or a fleeting shooting star
Chapter 1006: Ten great Sacred Artifacts
Chapter 1005: Dim Radiant Twelve Arts
Chapter 1004: The imperious embryonic Immortal Artifact
Chapter 1003: Humans versus Immortals
Chapter 1002: The momentum lies with me, I am unstoppable
Chapter 1001: Yan Di
Chapter 1000: Fortune awaiting at home
Chapter 999: Broad Creed Mountain’s Immortal Bridge Martial Saint
Chapter 998: From Solar Luminary Young Master to Fallen Deity
Chapter 997: Fame shaking the world
Chapter 996: Yan Zhaoge, the fallen deity
Chapter 995: All dead, every single one of them
Chapter 994: Spent their whole lives living as dogs
Chapter 993: Kill! Kill!
Chapter 992: Stronger, more domineering!
Chapter 991: You could only enter because I let you
Chapter 990: Yellow river floods troops
Chapter 989: Since I have come here, this place is my territory
Chapter 988: Destined to become a legend
Chapter 987: Circumference Mountain is a good place
Chapter 986: If I said I’d rampage all the way back, I’ll rampage all the way back
Chapter 985: Scaring away the numerous heroes
Chapter 984: Peerless genius
Chapter 983: Great axe chopping Wutong!
Chapter 982: Simply killing him
Chapter 981: It’s useless whoever comes
Chapter 980: Fearsome and domineering
Chapter 979: No one at all who can fight
Chapter 978: Claiming his old life
Chapter 977: Slaying Azure Dragon
Chapter 976: What difference does it make if you all attack together?
Chapter 975: A hundred thousand troops shall not hinder my path!
Chapter 974: The outcome of playing petty tricks
Chapter 973: Alliance
Chapter 972: Voice quaking Vast Spirit Mountain!
Chapter 971: Let this Yan see how many heroic figures there are here!
Chapter 970: Audacity rivalling the heavens
Chapter 969: The Yan Zhaoge who goes against the usual flow
Chapter 968: Great Ape King
Chapter 967: Rampaging all the way back!
Chapter 966: Yan Zhaoge’s lesson number two
Chapter 965: Here’s lesson number one
Chapter 964: Two centuries ago Little Sword God, one century ago Heavenly Young Master
Chapter 963: Upper Exalt
Chapter 962: Already slaughtered by me
Chapter 961: One-eyed dragon
Chapter 960: Great Sun Glorious Heavenly Thunder
Chapter 959: Giving early condolences
Chapter 958: Thunderbolt blood
Chapter 957: Entering the southern Blazing Heaven Territory
Chapter 956: Breaking the phoenix
Chapter 955: Yan Zhaoge’s question
Chapter 954: The ambition of Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 953: A fight breaking out at once
Chapter 952: The Phoenix Prince is angered to death
Chapter 951: Major gift from the onset
Chapter 950: An ancient legacy
Chapter 949: A big mistake
Chapter 948: Who really represents the magnificence of the sun?
Chapter 947: Slaughtering Golden Crow!
Chapter 946: Golden Crow Remnant Soul
Chapter 945: Those who arrive first may not succeed, the able takes all
Chapter 944: In the depths of the white clouds
Chapter 943: A golden crow amidst the sea
Chapter 942: A disaster of extermination
Chapter 941: The other half of the whisk
Chapter 940: Path to the Immortal Bridge
Chapter 939: This life eternally belongs to the Yan Family
Chapter 938: The end of the battle
Chapter 937: A gathering of Exalts
Chapter 936: Heaven Opening Scripture
Chapter 935: The learned see the skills, the ignorant watch the show
Chapter 934: The Brocade Emperor
Chapter 933: Leakless True Immortal
Chapter 932: Before the battle commences
Chapter 931: Seeing him in a different light
Chapter 930: Nongli Mountain loses all face
Chapter 929: The arrogant, overbearing Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 928: Losing before even seeing him
Chapter 927: Nongli Mountain, West Peak of Daoism
Chapter 926: Red Lotus Heavenly Vessel
Chapter 925: Feng Yunsheng’s friend
Chapter 924: Earth Exalt
Chapter 923: A shocking genius
Chapter 922: The upcoming battle between Emperors
Chapter 921: Sixth level of the Martial Saint realm, late Seeing Divinity stage
Chapter 920: Senior Brother married Junior Sister, Junior Brother married Senior Sister
Chapter 919: Number one figure in the dao of the sword in post-Great Calamity times
Chapter 918: The most powerful family
Chapter 917: The end of the line for the Vast Yang Exalt
Chapter 916: Slaying an Exalt
Chapter 915: Little Sword God
Chapter 914: Vicious
Chapter 913: Cohabiting with the heavens
Chapter 912: A figure rarely seen in ten thousand years
Chapter 911: Is this guy even human?!
Chapter 910: What do I know? I know that your death draws near
Chapter 909: My mother, you really know how to run
Chapter 908: Based on mood
Chapter 907: The Xue Chuqing who goes about things a different way
Chapter 906: What role does the World beyond Worlds play?
Chapter 905: The orthodox way, the devilish path and the external dao
Chapter 904: Sincerely devoted to the dao, the Heavenly Lord’s blessings cometh
Chapter 903: Immortal Court of Daoism, Blessed lands of Buddhism
Chapter 902: Immeasurable Heavenly Lord
Chapter 901: One halberd breaking the world
Chapter 900: Could it have been intentional
Chapter 899: Immortal Artifact coming for revenge
Chaoter 898: Drawn into an unrelated conflict
Chapter 897: The missing Brocade Emperor
Chapter 896: The guest comes but the host is missing
Chapter 895: Enforcing the agreement
Chapter 894: The marriage plan
Chapter 893: The problematic Immortal Artifact
Chapter 892: The invitation from the Brocade Emperor
Chapter 891: The Grand Xuan Dynasty becomes history
Chapter 890: Rulers of two Territories
Chapter 889: Southern Exalt
Chapter 888: Tenth level of the Martial Saint realm, body of a Human Immortal
Chapter 887: The leaf of a ginseng fruit
Chapter 886: The spoils of war are always the best
Chapter 885: The new hegemon of the Royal Reed Sea
Chapter 884: You asked to die, so who will die but you?
Chapter 883: Challenging the Star Plucking Practitioner!
Chapter 882: Gonna slay them all!
Chapter 881: Sweeping through his enemies!
Chapter 880: Yan Zhaoge’s self-created martial art
Chapter 879: One sword quelling the chaotic heavens!
Chapter 878: If you’re capable, come battle. If you’re not, shut up.
Chapter 877: Made to beat high-grade Sacred Artifacts!
Chapter 876: The Yan Zhaoge who has truly ascended into the World beyond Worlds
Chapter 875: Yan Zhaoge sees Divinity, starfire illuminating the sky!
Chapter 874: Staging a robbery amidst a fire
Chapter 873: Star Plucking Practitioner
Chapter 872: Sabres that split and extinguish the heavens
Chapter 871: There are always those few people who can create miracles
Chapter 870: News of an Immortal Artifact
Chapter 869: Yan Zhaoge ascends
Chapter 868: The decisive battle arrives
Chapter 867: The best and final chance
Chapter 866: Shen Lingzi meets an obstacle
Chapter 865: The long prepared Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 864: The sword of time
Chapter 863: Take no prisoners, accept no surrender!
Chapter 862: Top defensive location
Chapter 861: Yan Zhaoge enters seclusion
Chapter 860: Are you kidding me?
Chapter 859: The swindling Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 858: Looking forward to a perfect result
Chapter 857: Accepting the gift
Chapter 856: Nodding off and someone sends a pillow
Chapter 855: The martial art that came for free
Chapter 854: The wealthy Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 853: Broad Creed Mountain, World beyond Worlds
Chapter 852: Undivinable by Oracle Divination
Chapter 851: Returning to the southeast
Chapter 850: Secret legacy, the mysterious sixth Emperor
Chapter 849: His mother’s origins
Chapter 848: A battle between Exalts
Chapter 847: There is nothing a single palm cannot solve; if there is, well, another palm then
Chapter 846: Undying at the same cultivation level
Chapter 845: The one who played dead and fled
Chapter 844: Not leaving anyone alive!
Chapter 843: An unexpected relationship
Chapter 842: His mother’s handiwork
Chapter 841: Knocking out and kidnapping?
Chapter 840: Returning to the World beyond Worlds!
Chapter 839: Learning how to flip over the wall
Chapter 838: You will have died for nothing
Chapter 837: The mysterious stranger and the vengeance that never came
Chapter 836: Maybe you don’t dare to kill ’em, but I do
Chapter 835: Big monk, let me send you on your way
Chapter 834: Rain of swords slaying Buddha Dragon
Chapter 833: Who is trapped beneath this mountain?
Chapter 832: The roar from beneath Five Elements Mountain!
Chapter 831: The two sides of the wall
Chapter 830: The thriving Buddhism
Chapter 829: Numerous efficacious pills of differing functions
Chapter 828: Doubly rewarded
Chapter 827: Obtaining the furnace
Chapter 826: Where the water is dry, watching the clouds rise high
Chapter 825: Meeting a match
Chapter 824: Gossip on bigwigs
Chapter 823: Moving afterwards yet securing the advantage
Chapter 822: Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace!
Chapter 821: Deciding the battle in a single move
Chapter 820: Yan Zhaoge’s mockery
Chapter 819: Taiji vs Taiji
Chapter 818: Grand Clear direct lineage!
Chapter 817: So you are Yan Zhaoge?
Chapter 816: A fiery beauty
Chapter 815: Realm of divine pills, seven distinct levels!
Chapter 814: Golden pill pointing the way
Chapter 813: The ultimate wastrel Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 812: Supreme treasure of the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace
Chapter 811: Immortal Ending Sword and Immortal Trapping Sword
Chapter 810: Divine Palace’s Pill Hall and pill furnace
Chapter 809: True origins
Chapter 808: Switching a live person
Chapter 807: Demonspawn, show your true form!
Chapter 806: Truth and falsity cannot be reversed
Chapter 805: Real Yan Zhaoge, fake Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 804: You guys are really having fun
Chapter 803: People fear fame
Chapter 802: Three Yan Zhaoges
Chapter 801: Treasured collection
Chapter 800: The famed Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 799: Meng Wan’s origins
Chapter 798: Golden Court Mountain, Southeastern Exalt
Chapter 797: The seal hidden in the depths of the soul
Chapter 796: The monks can run but not the temple
Chapter 795: Preparations for Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 794: Overwhelming treasure
Chapter 793: The divine pill from the Heavenly Court’s Divine Palace
Chapter 792: Kidnapping
Chapter 791: Ferocious dragons must cross the river, fearsome dragons will soar the skies
Chapter 790: Wealth even greater than the Southeastern Exalt’s
Chapter 789: Closure at last
Chapter 788: Time for vengeance to be had!
Chapter 787: A good chance to kick them when they are down
Chapter 786: Ascending to the heavens and seizing the moon!
Chapter 785: The evil sword is born
Chapter 784: Did I allow you to leave?
Chapter 783: Revival of the Taotie
Chapter 782: You cannot stop me from killing who I want to kill!
Chapter 781: Those looking for trouble should go line up
Chapter 780: Phoenix bone
Chapter 779: Wherever you go, my Broad Creed Mountain can still take care of you
Chapter 778: A battle long overdue
Chapter 777: You are unlucky
Chapter 776: Forsaking the depraved for the righteous?
Chapter 775: Advancement to the second level of the Martial Saint realm!
Chapter 774: Not having it good even after death
Chapter 773: Myriad Phenomena Transformation Sword Pool
Chapter 772: Heaven Swallowing Sword Box
Chapter 771: Faster than you
Chapter 770: More tyrannical than you!
Chapter 769: Fiery phoenix at the ocean’s depths
Chapter 768: Difference in martial scriptures
Chapter 767: A new site for their base
Chapter 766: Same art but of different lineages
Chapter 765: Slaying the Xuan King!
Chapter 764: Wherever we are, I can still defeat you!
Chapter 763: One sabre opening the way!
Chapter 762: The heavens and earth cannot stop my advance!
Chapter 761: If you’re so great, come get me then
Chapter 760: Sweeping away all enemies!
Chapter 759: Kunpeng overturns the sea, ripping through the three realms!
Chapter 758: It seems you don’t want this anymore
Chapter 757: Taking them from behind!
Chapter 756: The Grand Xuan Dynasty invades the Eight Extremities World
Chapter 755: The Radiant Light Sect falls
Chapter 754: Yin and yang coexisting, gradually improving
Chapter 753: The endangered Radiant Light Sect
Chapter 752: Sword of the Prime Clear lineage
Chapter 751: Tragedy to befall the Radiant Light Sect
Chapter 750: Turning the impossible into a possibility
Chapter 749: Roc expels the sun, sword of shocking thunder
Chapter 748: Accepting battle
Chapter 747: An Immortal Bridge Martial Saint with a dead wife
Chapter 746: The fate of the Grand Xuan Dynasty
Chapter 745: If I had known, I would have blocked your path
Chapter 744: Everyone, the race starts now
Chapter 743: Fourth of the Nine Heavenly Immortal Thunders, Heart’s Will Thunder!
Chapter 742: The old man’s fortuitous encounters
Chapter 741: Reigning the world with a single arm
Chapter 740: Cultivating in a third Heavenly Scripture!
Chapter 739: Accompany me as I cultivate here
Chapter 738: Blocking your way out
Chapter 737: Help me to do two things
Chapter 736: A fake descends
Chapter 735: The Floating Gate World
Chapter 734: On the same boat
Chapter 733: The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind
Chapter 732: Enemies meet on a narrow path
Chapter 731: Yuan Zhengfeng’s whereabouts
Chapter 730: Similar palm arts
Chapter 729: The result of going all out
Chapter 728: I also like trashing weaklings
Chapter 727: I never hide my name
Chapter 726: Without all five Virtues, you are but a featherless phoenix
Chapter 725: Please move aside
Chapter 724: Double happiness!
Chapter 723: Daoism and Buddhism!
Chapter 722: The snow crane of Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 721: Peerless Infinity of Primordial Beginning, one of a kind
Chapter 720: The most suitable treasure!
Chapter 719: One loss after another
Chapter 718: You should be awakening from your dream
Chapter 717: Embryonic Immortal Artifact
Chapter 716: Supreme Treasure, Dim Radiant Wheel!
Chapter 715: The existence atop the altar
Chapter 714: The man-crazy young girl
Chapter 713: A great mystery
Chapter 712: Behind the great door
Chapter 711: Clashing and deceiving
Chapter 710: Remnants of the Divine Palace, Door of White Jade!
Chapter 709: Something that Yan Zhaoge is drawn to
Chapter 708: The Emperor’s vanished corpse
Chapter 707: Killing formlessly
Chapter 706: All or nothing
Chapter 705: Beating the grass to startle the snake
Chapter 704: No mishaps can be condoned!
Chapter 703: Mausoleum of the Dim Radiant Emperor
Chapter 702: Flowers bloom only sometimes, blossoming or wilting hard to tell
Chapter 701: The Radiant Light Sect’s chains
Chapter 700: A new generation arises!
Chapter 699: Losing without battling, winning without battling
Chapter 698: Also caused by this Yan
Chapter 697: First meeting
Chapter 696: With us, it will be different
Chapter 695: Doubts alleviated!
Chapter 694: Historical secrets
Chapter 693: The heavens of the Royal Reed Sea change
Chapter 692: A wonderful experience
Chapter 691: Exposing them straight in the face
Chapter 690: Who can allow the likes of you to distort facts?
Chapter 689: This is a family
Chapter 688: Yan Zhaoge’s aim.
Chapter 687: Aboveboard scheme
Chapter 686: True motive
Chapter 685: The youngest Martial Saint!
Chapter 684: Between victory and defeat
Chapter 683: Better not to act
Chapter 682: A divine vessel above!
Chapter 681: A legend amongst legends
Chapter 680: Not just blustering
Chapter 679: A major background?
Chapter 678: Killing his way out!
Chapter 677: Not giving any way to escape!
Chapter 676: Your fate, I decide!
Chapter 675: Only extinction!
Chapter 674: Rampage! Rampage!
Chapter 673: Hence does Sainthood descend!
Chapter 672: You will temper my blade
Chapter 671: Twelve breaths of time!
Chapter 670: Precisely fitting my intentions
Chapter 669: Squaring off
Chapter 668: The truth is out, reputation blown!
Chapter 667: How is it possible to not leave his name behind after a good deed?
Chapter 666: The way you eat is too ugly
Chapter 665: How would it be so easy to steal my credit?
Chapter 664: Mind if I use my mouth?
Chapter 663: Fanning the flames
Chapter 662: Stealing his credit
Chapter 661: An unprecedented path
Chapter 660: Thank you for your great gift
Chapter 659: An unexpected surprise
Chapter 658: Old dog, let me give you some pointers
Chapter 657: True dragon hides its head without a trace
Chapter 656: The world within the Earth Devouring Burner
Chapter 655: Accruing a great debt of gratitude
Chapter 654: Legendary, miraculous feat
Chapter 653: Who will be reduced to the dust of bones?
Chapter 652: Overturning a powerful force with a subtle one
Chapter 651: So what if I have designs on you?
Chapter 650: Yan Zhaoge goes fishing, the willing bites the hook
Chapter 649: Many gains with a single action
Chapter 648: Questioning
Chapter 647: As if able to see her future
Chapter 646: Yet another ‘Sikong Qing’
Chapter 645: Going about it another way
Chapter 644: Cold Sun Divine Sabre
Chapter 643: A resounding slap
Chapter 642: Your martial arts are far from proficient
Chapter 641: Changes in sun and moon that overturn the heavens and earth
Chapter 640: Who it belongs to is not up to you!
Chapter 639: A chance arrives
Chapter 638: Ritual of Dim Sun and Cold Moon
Chapter 637: Hopping along for a ride
Chapter 636: Where there are crises there are also opportunities
Chapter 635: More highly skilled
Chapter 634: You can’t not admit it!
Chapter 633: Too low level, can’t catch his eye
Chapter 632: Awaiting with bated breath!
Chapter 631: I’m still very popular
Chapter 630: The path of a Martial Saint
Chapter 629: The Dim Darkness Sect that is messed with yet further
Chapter 628: Killing a Martial Saint
Chapter 627: Coming is easy but leaving is hard
Chapter 626: Can’t beat a Martial Saint? Transcend Mortality
Chapter 625: I must stop when you ask me to?
Chapter 624: It’s not me who should leave
Chapter 623: Relax, relax
Chapter 622: Transcending Mortality, I see Lord Primordial
Chapter 621: The cunning Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 620: Shocking the Dim Darkness Sect
Chapter 619: The virtuous Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 618: Good fortune right beyond the door
Chapter 617: The World beyond Worlds that is miraculous beyond words
Chapter 616: A former playmate!
Chapter 615: Yan Zhaoge, the living legend.
Chapter 614: I’ll give you a lesson
Chapter 613: A single person stirring the world’s power balance
Chapter 612: His very presence is intimidation
Chapter 611: Vast Ocean World once more!
Chapter 610: Miraculous sabre
Chapter 609: Thank you for coming, you’re welcome to come at any time
Chapter 608: Sounding so arrogant, come down if you dare?
Chapter 607: Chaotic devils beneath sun and moon, My sabre shall hence break
Chapter 606: Gloriously coming for revenge? Get wrecked!
Chapter 605: Congratulations from all around
Chapter 604: I just like this part of you
Chapter 603: The abnormal Yan Wudi!
Chapter 602: There’s a girl who’s caught my eye
Chapter 601: Treasure of light and darkness
Chapter 600: Old Man Mo’s gift!
Chapter 599: It was me who killed them
Chapter 598: The stunned Huang Guanglie
Chapter 597: He who no one dares to provoke
Chapter 596: A Broad Creed Mountain that is armed to the teeth
Chapter 595: A good mission
Chapter 594: One hand raising the heavens, one hand covering the heavens!
Chapter 593: As long as I still breathe, to Broad Creed Mountain I must go!
Chapter 592: The entire world is shaken
Chapter 591: The decisions of the old!
Chapter 590: A single glance to render you dead
Chapter 589: I want to kill you, so what if you’re unresigned?
Chapter 588: Reinvestigating the case!
Chapter 587: The hand of judgment
Chapter 586: Yan Zhaoge returns!
Chapter 585: World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie, dies!
Chapter 584: Levelling the World Illuminating Peak
Chapter 583: Acting cool to their own deaths
Chapter 582: The two of you will die rather more pitiably
Chapter 581: All stay behind, don’t even think about running
Chapter 580: It’s your direct lineage I am beating
Chapter 579: It’s otherworldly experts I am beating!
Chapter 578: My clone is not at the first level of the Martial Saint realm
Chapter 577: Battling a Sacred Artifact with a bamboo cane
Chapter 576: You’re not qualified to fight with me
Chapter 575: Where is Yan Zhaoge?
Chapter 574: Slaying Shen Li!
Chapter 573: Skinhead Shen, run again for me to see?
Chapter 572: Whoever has defamed or framed me, just drop dead already
Chapter 571: With my heavenly altar, who amongst Martial Grandmasters can stand against me?
Chapter 570: I’m back!
Chapter 569: Ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, late Essence Talisman stage!
Chapter 568: Obtaining the Sacred Artifact!
Chapter 567: Superior to in the past!
Chapter 566: Myriad dragon hordes
Chapter 565: Buy one get one free
Chapter 564: There’s no need to wait for next time
Chapter 563: Riding on a dragon!
Chapter 562: Burial ground of numerous dragons
Chapter 561: Bright moon above the sea, Distant horizons sharing the moment
Chapter 560: Heaven Spying Orb
Chapter 559: Great happenings
Chapter 558: A great net
Chapter 557: Stirring something out of nothing
Chapter 556: A bolt from the blue!
Chapter 555: Emotions
Chapter 554: Refutation
Chapter 553: The path back to the Eight Extremities World
Chapter 552: The Brilliant Thunder Sect that got hit out of nowhere
Chapter 551: The decimation sent their way
Chapter 550: Claiming his life when he is enfeebled
Chapter 549: The dragon gate opens!
Chapter 548: Beat him when he’s down
Chapter 547: Trapping a Martial Saint
Chapter 546: I’ll decide on my spoils of victory
Chapter 545: The truth is revealed, death by a single palm
Chapter 544: This Yan Zhaoge, cannot be offended
Chapter 543: Death of the Blood Dragon
Chapter 542: Kill!
Chapter 541: Breaking another of your fingers!
Chapter 540: World shocking
Chapter 539: Who dares to touch my junior apprentice-nephew
Chapter 538: Don’t be flustered
Chapter 537: Direct confrontation
Chapter 536: Truth and falsehoods
Chapter 535: Reunion
Chapter 534: Mid Essence Talisman stage
Chapter 533: Beam of the Divine Palace
Chapter 532: Just one of your finger’s not gonna cut it
Chapter 531: I’ll make your nine fingers into eight fingers
Chapter 530: Who’s the more arrogant?
Chapter 529: Well and properly trapped
Chapter 528: You have standards
Chapter 527: Bright starlight
Chapter 526: Searching
Chapter 525: They didn’t elope, right?
Chapter 524: Kidnapped someone’s daughter and ran off?
Chapter 523: A wastrel who burns away high-grade spirit artifacts like firewood
Chapter 522: Cultivating in a second Heavenly Scripture!
Chapter 521: Soaring to prominence, destined to be a legend!
Chapter 520: I’m really not the sort of person to bear grudges
Chapter 519: So what if I kill you?
Chapter 518: You should have known better than to come provoke me
Chapter 517: The shedding of a Martial Saint!
Chapter 516: Awakening!
Chapter 515: No good end comes to those who malign me
Chapter 514: The youngest Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster!
Chapter 513: Just one move!
Chapter 512: When a dragon wants to eat a tiger, why masquerade as a pig?
Chapter 511: Are you sure you want to get beaten up by me?
Chapter 510: Decisive battle at Deep Sea Corridor
Chapter 509: The upright Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 508: Yan Zhaoge churns the sea, turning degenerate into miraculous
Chapter 507: What I want to do is not something that they can prevent
Chapter 506: Good thing in the Bewildering Mist Sea
Chapter 505: Three incidents
Chapter 504: What happened back then
Chapter 503: Since you want to die, I’ll grant your wish
Chapter 502: Many different ways to fight
Chapter 501: The world is a dangerous place
Chapter 500: Martial Saint legacy site!!!
Chapter 499: The lawless Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 498: You are already dead
Chapter 497: Against trash such as you, how much strength would I need?
Chapter 496: Friend or foe
Chapter 495: Immediate encounter!
Chapter 494: Killing two birds with one stone!
Chapter 493: Sealing the East Sea
Chapter 492: Since I dared to give you the formation diagram, I naturally have a way to deal with you
Chapter 491: Well calculated out
Chapter 490: It’s time!
Chapter 489: Decisive battle!
Chapter 488: The heavens have always blessed the fortitudinous
Chapter 487: Wanting to drink yet unwilling to bear the load
Chapter 486: Obtaining the Extreme Yang Seal
Chapter 485: Intolerable by the heavens, Sacred Artifact Extreme Yang Seal
Chapter 484: True martial soul, ten leaves blossoming ten flowers
Chapter 483: Death to the Devils!
Chapter 482: In life, all one asks for is a guilt-free heart
Chapter 481: Always regretted
Chapter 480: Fleeing in the face of danger!
Chapter 479: Placing oneself in peril in order to survive!
Chapter 478: Nine Underworld True Devils!!!
Chapter 477: The situation reverses
Chapter 476: Yan Zhaoge’s Taiyi Imperial Breaking Formation!
Chapter 475: Breaking their spines again!
Chapter 474: The current strongest of the Eight Extremities World!
Chapter 473: Yan Di leaves seclusion!
Chapter 472: Great Flame Devil King!
Chapter 471: Every second counts
Chapter 470: Fire singeing their brows
Chapter 469: Pincered from two sides
Chapter 468: Treasure of Divine Sun!
Chapter 467: The conflicted East Rising Lord
Chapter 466: Things begin to stir!
Chapter 465: The Sixth Extreme Yin Bout
Chapter 464: Yan Di enters seclusion!
Chapter 463: The treasure that seals the Earth Domain
Chapter 462: A major incident!
Chapter 461: The legend left behind by Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 460: Returning to the Eight Extremities World
Chapter 459: This parting may be eternal
Chapter 458: Sounds pleasing!
Chapter 457: With the sweep of a hand
Chapter 456: Minding one’s business
Chapter 455: If we save the wrong guys, just slaughter them afterwards
Chapter 454: Twin swords duelling four dragons!
Chapter 453: The opening dimensional passageway
Chapter 452: The whereabouts of the other half mirror
Chapter 451: Someone different from others
Chapter 450: Authoritative words
Chapter 449: My mood, your fate
Chapter 448: There are three treasures in the Floating Life World
Chapter 447: Great Demon King Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 446: I don’t feel like being a hero today
Chapter 445: Smiting thee dead!
Chapter 444: My Young Master’s way of resting
Chapter 443: Descendants meeting their ancestor!
Chapter 442: Utter dominance
Chapter 441: One sword shooting east Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 440: A calamity for the entire Floating Life World!
Chapter 439: Green Dragon Mountain!
Chapter 438: A pressing question!
Chapter 437: World beyond worlds, wounds of the heavens
Chapter 436: Snow Crane Message
Chapter 435: Greetings, Young Master
Chapter 434: When Yan Zhaoge’s interested, someone’s gonna be in for it
Chapter 433: A martial practitioner with a special physique
Chapter 432: Sweeping through a kingdom
Chapter 431: Pan-Pan’s aftermeal exercise
Chapter 430: Flying away house and all
Chapter 429: Bloodline of the highest grade!
Chapter 428: Want to gang up?
Chapter 427: Old eagle hunting little chickens
Chapter 426: Giving a blind man a seductive look
Chapter 425: Demonic bloodline cultivators!
Chapter 424: Wings grown on a tiger’s waist
Chapter 423: Enhancing cultural interaction!
Chapter 422: How can the matters of scholars be called stealing?
Chapter 421: Directly fighting is better!
Chapter 420: Great awkwardness!
Chapter 419: The half mirror!
Chapter 418: Very good, powerful, but also very dumb!
Chapter 417: The door opens!
Chapter 416: Marsh of Illusory Sea, Ten Character Heavenly Rainbow!
Chapter 415: That instant of the heart
Chapter 414: um, click it
Chapter 413: Yan Zhaoge’s new weapon
Chapter 412: The one they want to kill the most
Chapter 411: Yan Zhaoge’s gift!
Chapter 410: The legendary senior apprentice-brother Yan!
Chapter 409: There are many scenes in Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 408: The possibility of surpassing
Chapter 407: Further refining the dark green bamboo branch
Chapter 406: Heavens beyond our heavens
Chapter 405: Whereabouts
Chapter 404: Words said in jest now turned true
Chapter 403: Those who’ve tried it all say it’s good
Chapter 402: The possibility of counterattacking into the Flame Devil World
Chapter 401: Ever so naturally the centre of attraction
Chapter 400: Yan Zhaoge’s nickname
Chapter 399: True dragon leaves sea, cultivating aura into essence
Chapter 398: Yan Zhaoge controls a dragon
Chapter 397: The pagoda within the deep abyss of flames
Chapter 396: Battlefield of Martial Saints
Chapter 395: The real goal
Chapter 394: The end of Lin Zhou
Chapter 393: I alone am more than sufficient to defeat a hundred of you
Chapter 392: Wait to drink the waters of the East Sea dry
Chapter 391: Between life and death
Chapter 390: Path ahead blocked, pursuers behind
Chapter 389: Exploding more, invoking a chain reaction
Chapter 388: The Jade Sea becomes a Fire Sea
Chapter 387: News on Lin Zhou
Chapter 386: There are always more plans than difficulties
Chapter 385: Great gratitude and great enmity
Chapter 384: In this Eight Extremities World, who in the future can stand against him?
Chapter 383: Reversing the situation, turning defeat into victory
Chapter 382: Let it…explode!
Chapter 381: Three things
Chapter 380: Yan Zhaoge cracks the situation
Chapter 379: Two pieces of bad news and a piece of good news
Chapter 378: An abnormal situation
Chapter 377: History is always so shockingly similar
Chapter 376: The matador Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 375: Tiding out a patch of heavens
Chapter 374: Not here, not here, still not here
Chapter 373: Worthy of his name is Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 372: Yan Zhaoge’s plan
Chapter 371: Rampaging through great distances
Chapter 370: Slamming straight on
Chapter 369: How to overturn the raging tides
Chapter 368: Unexpected assault
Chapter 367: What is hard for others, is like strolling over flat land for him
Chapter 366: Silently charging up a big move
Chapter 365: The flustered Li Jingwan
Chapter 364: The cities of East Dragon Island
Chapter 363: A wish of strangling
Chapter 362: Winning without fighting
Chapter 361: As incalculable as the innumerable stars in the sky
Chapter 360: Seeing many different versions of herself
Chapter 359: Capture
Chapter 358: Looking for Sikong Qing
Chapter 357: A woman disguised as a man?
Chapter 356: Two Sikong Qings
Chapter 355: Shaking your foundations!
Chapter 354: Yan Zhaoge’s super long distance stifling rod
Chapter 353: A victory from ten thousand li away
Chapter 352: Dragon’s blood refining body
Chapter 351: Enjoying the fruits of their victory
Chapter 350: Unexpected gains!
Chapter 349: Yan Zhaoge’s trademark weapon
Chapter 348: Dragon soaring through the skies, unstoppable in thunderbolts!
Chapter 347: Someone is thinking too much
Chapter 346: Blood Spring and golden lamp, a black wind howls
Chapter 345: Obtaining the treasures!
Chapter 344: Body of a true dragon!
Chapter 343: A Martial Saint’s legacy site
Chapter 342: The graveyard forged by Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 341: I think that I can
Chapter 340: Luck!
Chapter 339: Small things, great deeds!
Chapter 338: Through another method!
Chapter 337: Hope!
Chapter 336: Second level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, mid Spirit Vessel stage!
Chapter 335: On the North Sea!
Chapter 334: Broad Creed Mountain’s new Maiden of Extreme Yin
Chapter 333: Yan Zhaoge’s preparations
Chapter 332: Turning the tables!
Chapter 331: Phoenix swallowing the moon, Dragon’s roar resounding the nine heavens!
Chapter 330: Feeling like they were slapped
Chapter 329: Let’s see who can’t make it into the second round!
Chapter 328: The one who went turncoat
Chapter 327: Yan Zhaoge’s thoughts
Chapter 326: The two flowers!
Chapter 325: The Extreme Yin Bout, officially begins
Chapter 324: Numerous flowers congregate!
Chapter 323: Two Maidens of Extreme Yin!
Chapter 322: The fifth Extreme Yin Bout
Chapter 321: Adding on a gift!
Chapter 320: Advancing together, I am the victor!
Chapter 319: A pressing goal
Chapter 318: Eternally sitting over Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 317: The site of the Sacred Sun Clan’s weakness
Chapter 316: Targeting somewhere out of their expectations
Chapter 315: Broad Creed Mountain’s new Chief
Chapter 314: The vexed Sacred Sun Clan
Chapter 313: The stifled Lord of the Heavenly Thunder Hall
Chapter 312: I’ll make you bleed
Chapter 311: Yan Zhaoge’s killing formation!
Chapter 310: Pay with their lives!
Chapter 309: Yuan Zhengfeng emerges from seclusion!
Chapter 308: Broad Creed Mountain VS Sacred Sun Clan!
Chapter 307: Under attack!
Chapter 306: East Rising leaves seclusion, the Sacred Sun Clan advances North!
Chapter 305: Preparing a ‘gift’ for the Sacred Sun Clan
Chapter 304: Something that attracts Martial Saints
Chapter 303: You want eternal life, I grant you eternal slumber
Chapter 302: All of you must die!
Chapter 301: Carrying the coffin, returning to Broad Creed Mountain!
Chapter 300: The eternal Iron Lion King!
Chapter 299: Definitely won’t let you destroy Broad Creed Mountain
Chapter 298: The berserk lion roars!
Chapter 297: Dream on!
Chapter 296: Grand Reversal
Chapter 295: You think that I cannot beat you?
Chapter 294: Faced with danger, not shrinking back!
Chapter 293: The key to breaking the situation
Chapter 292: Yan Zhaoge coming to reinforce
Chapter 291: Reversal!
Chapter 290: The Heavenly Thunder Hall also moves
Chapter 289: Vanquishing evil for the Eight Extremities World
Chapter 288: The Sacred Sun Clan moves
Chapter 287: All stay behind for me
Chapter 286: Amongst Martial Grandmasters, I’m invincible
Chapter 285: Revealing his true colours
Chapter 284: The Martial Repository does not simply contain an otherworldly expert
Chapter 283: The perilous sword
Chapter 282: Origins of the Decimating Abyss
Chapter 281: Thunderbolt-like methods
Chapter 280: Yan Zhaoge’s three sentences
Chapter 279: Someone who came back from hell
Chapter 278: Knowing of the tiger’s presence, yet still heading up the mountain
Chapter 277: Sending the lord into his coffin
Chapter 276: All preparations set
Chapter 275: Without much of a difference in cultivation level, I am the superior!
Chapter 274: A battle at the Martial Saint realm!
Chapter 273: The Devil Saint attacks!
Chapter 272: The voice beside his ears
Chapter 271: You’re still sorely lacking
Chapter 270: I am the Family’s laws!
Chapter 269: Returning home to quell chaos
Chapter 268: The calm before the storm, ends!
Chapter 267: Advancing towards the Martial Grandmaster realm
Chapter 266: Sikong Qing’s persistence
Chapter 265: Coming to the door for guidance
Chapter 264: Devil Shattering Arrows
Chapter 263: Major movements
Chapter 262: A Yan Zhaoge as stable as Mount Tai
Chapter 261: The position of Chief
Chapter 260: The old Chief entering seclusion
Chapter 259: You lack the qualifications
Chapter 258: Additional gains
Chapter 257: All thanks to you!
Chapter 256: Suppressing the Nine Underworlds
Chapter 255: Fighting out a future
Chapter 254: Reversal!
Chapter 253: The abnormal Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 252: Too successful
Chapter 251: If you’re not a Martial Grandmaster, don’t come to die
Chapter 250: Momentum like breaking bamboo!
Chapter 249: As a father
Chapter 248: Double happiness
Chapter 247: Stepping into the Heavenly Connection stage!
Chapter 246: The pyramid of the Eight Extremities World
Chapter 245: Returning in glorious victory!
Chapter 244: Wanting his old life!
Chapter 243: Farewell, Old Crawling Worm!
Chapter 242: Flying through the heavens, tunnelling through the earth
Chapter 241: The legendary crow’s mouth
Chapter 240: A Lin Zhou who wants to vomit blood
Chapter 239: Dark Light Sword, Immortal Crane Wings
Chapter 238: You again?
Chapter 237: Retainer, Martial Grandmaster!
Chapter 236: Meeting Lin Zhou once more
Chapter 235: One finishes singing and the other ascends the stage
Chapter 234: Continuing to give presents, each revealing their formidability
Chapter 233: This bro is a good guy
Chapter 232: Apology gift or present?
Chapter 231: Coming over to apologise
Chapter 230: A discovery that causes Yan Zhaoge’s heart to beat wildly
Chapter 229: Second refinement of the pillar of the Divine Palace
Chapter 228: The results of the investigation
Chapter 227: Spirit patterns of before the Great Calamity
Chapter 226: You are not in a position to ask
Chapter 225: Don’t look at him, I was asking you
Chapter 224: Have I been too nice these past two years?
Chapter 223: Wanting more
Chapter 222: A storm arising once more
Chapter 221: Left hand leading a panda, right hand…
Chapter 220: The helpful Black Nightmare Mountain
Chapter 219: Natural disasters and human-induced occurrences
Chapter 218: Pillar of the Divine Palace!
Chapter 217: Assassination!
Chapter 216: The changes in Yan Zhaoge’s status
Chapter 215: The Yan Zhaoge incomparable to the past
Chapter 214: Stepping into the late Xiantian stage!
Chapter 213: Improving by leaps and bounds
Chapter 212: Yan Zhaoge’s method
Chapter 211: Feng Yunsheng’s resolve
Chapter 210: The Fourth Extreme Yin Bout
Chapter 209: Golden talisman forming qi, Opening furnace to forge treasures
Chapter 208: The fragment that fell from the sky
Chapter 207: Broad Creed Mountain’s origin, News on the Divine Palace
Chapter 206: Fourth Level of the Martial Repository
Chapter 205: The youngest Martial Scholar
Chapter 204: I really didn’t mean it this time
Chapter 203: The Heaven Returning Divine Pill
Chapter 202: The fortune that might exist
Chapter 201: Remains from before the Great Calamity
Chapter 200: An unprecedented reward
Chapter 199: Still underestimated you originally
Chapter 198: A recurring year, performing something major
Chapter 197: Who under the heavens doesn’t know this Lord!
Chapter 196: Expressing admiration
Chapter 195: Gains one after another
Chapter 194: Just who’s the ant here?
Chapter 193: Decimating everything that stands in his path!
Chapter 192: Gao Zhe, you want to die once more, is it?
Chapter 191: Killing consecutively!
Chapter 190: All of you here, are trash
Chapter 189: The disdainful Zhao Hao
Chapter 188: Cruel and Merciless
Chapter 187: Forcing others to the dark side
Chapter 186: Someone once thought this way as well, and then he died
Chapter 185: Adding some spice for the enemy
Chapter 184: Fighting the black-robed masked man once more
Chapter 183: The roaring right eye
Chapter 182: The Xie Ziyi who suffered a blow
Chapter 181: Since you’re courting death, I’ll grant your wish
Chapter 180: The catastrophic Nine Underworlds
Chapter 179: The Yan Zhaoge who causes the numerous stars to lose their shine
Chapter 178: The crowd of geniuses lower their heads
Chapter 177: You do a two-combo, I’ll do a three-combo
Chapter 176: If you want to make a move, just shut up and do it already
Chapter 175: Just happen to be lacking a wolfskin cushion
Chapter 174: Treating a mid-grade spirit artifact as a toy
Chapter 173: True Target
Chapter 172: The strongest beneath Heavenly Connection
Chapter 171: Want to spar a bit?
Chapter 170: Broad Creed Young Master and World Illuminating Young Master
Chapter 169: Worthy of their name
Chapter 168: The persistence that is not understood
Chapter 167: Three Young Masters congregate
Chapter 166: Aura-qi forming an illusory heaven and earth
Chapter 165: If you want to do a job well, first prepare the necessary tools
Chapter 164: News from Heavenly Thunder Hall
Chapter 163: Embarrassing them all the way back to Infinite Boundless Mountain
Chapter 162: You are quite a good punching bag
Chapter 161: Clashing head-on!
Chapter 160: Open your eyes a little wider
Chapter 159: Brutal
Chapter 158: Monetary Black Hole
Chapter 157: Something about this scene isn’t quite right
Chapter 156: Under that famed name the warrior exists true
Chapter 155: Testing Yan Zhaoge’s mettle
Chapter 154: Aftereffect
Chapter 153: A dangerous figure!
Chapter 152: Meeting Zhao Hao once more
Chapter 151: A disciple of the younger generation different from the norm
Chapter 150: Heavenly Connection Meet
Chapter 149: Gaining the Sacred Artifact fragment
Chapter 148: True Dragon Leaves Abyss Breaking Heavenly Thunder!
Chapter 147: A fight between dragons and tigers
Chapter 146: Specifically waiting for you to deliver yourself to me
Chapter 145: Broad Creed Young Master VS Thunder Rumbling Young Master!
Chapter 144: The two Sacred Artifact fragments becoming one
Chapter 143: A cooked duck can also fly
Chapter 142: With preparation comes assurance
Chapter 141: Beat to the draw!
Chapter 140: Sacred Artifact Fragment
Chapter 139: Thunder Rumbling Young Master
Chapter 138: Faster than you!
Chapter 137: The Central Heaven Region Yans and the Zhao Region Yans
Chapter 136: The third target
Chapter 135: Stepping into the Xiantian Martial Scholar realm
Chapter 134: Big Dipper Body Ying Longtu
Chapter 133: You are so innocent, while I am so full of schemes
Chapter 132: A sincere Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 131: An inspirational story that moves the entire Eight Extremities World
Chapter 130: Holding their heads high
Chapter 129: No longer of use
Chapter 128: Jingle
Chapter 127: You can wait to regret it
Chapter 126: You have to pay your thanks after taking a beating!
Chapter 125: Attack, can’t break through; Defence, can’t hold through!
Chapter 124: When discussions fail, fight!
Chapter 123: Asking for people at the door?
Chapter 122: Cloud Portent Mountain
Chapter 121: A tour that begins flightily
Chapter 120: Working together in unison
Chapter 119: How to chase the leaders?
Chapter 118: Yan Zhaoge given the cold shoulder?
Chapter 117: The problem caused by his father
Chapter 116: From where he fell, to stand up once again
Chapter 115: What you can do, I can too; what you can’t do, I can also do
Chapter 114: Big Dipper Sword VS Big Dipper Sword!
Chapter 113: Martial Repository
Chapter 112: A solid foundation, a step further
Chapter 111: Qilin Spring Baptism
Chapter 110: The future is uncertain
Chapter 109: To be rewarded
Chapter 108: One who loves eating
Chapter 107: Borrowing a chicken to lay an egg
Chapter 106: Striking the hot iron still requires one to be tough
Chapter 105: Good people don’t live long, calamities endure a thousand years
Chapter 104: Not singing the Ploy of the Empty City
Chapter 103: Domineering!
Chapter 102: I’ve indeed never put you in my eyes
Chapter 101: Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster
Chapter 100: Things get more and more major!
Chapter 99: The fire seed within his dantian
Chapter 98: A great harvest
Chapter 97: This Yan wants you dead at midnight, who can keep you alive till dawn!
Chapter 96: Slapping him flying!
Chapter 95: Murderously pursuing Ye Jing and Yan Xu!
Chapter 94: None of them can think of escaping!
Chapter 93: Throwing dirty water, I can too
Chapter 92: Now, what do you have to say for yourself?
Chapter 91: Direct Confrontation!
Chapter 90: Elder Yan, long time no see
Chapter 89: The Iron Lion King
Chapter 88: If you want to blame someone, blame Yan Xu
Chapter 87: Was this within your predictions?
Chapter 86: Lacking most in time
Chapter 85: Broad Creed Mountain’s pain
Chapter 84: Life is like a stage, fully dependent on one’s acting skills!
Chapter 83: Plans cannot keep up with changes
Chapter 82: The ferocious Yan Zhaoge!
Chapter 81: Xiao Shen, where’re you going?!
Chapter 80: The Battle of Spirit Wind Canyon
Chapter 79: Enemies pressuring the border
Chapter 78: Don’t look down on librarians
Chapter 77: I’m happy, what do you care?
Chapter 76: Enemies approaching the city gates!
Chapter 75: One thing leads to another!
Chapter 74: The Sacred Sun Clan’s scheme
Chapter 73: The time to shine has come once again
Chapter 72: Late outer aura stage—stepping into the air!
Chapter 71: Hidden undercurrents surging
Chapter 70: Glacial Dragon’s Roar
Chapter 69: A rare opportunity
Chapter 68: Zhao Hao is indeed a good person
Chapter 67: Pressuring Yan Xu
Chapter 66: No longer viewing him in the same light
Chapter 65: There was a Yan Wudi before, there is still a Yan Wudi now!
Chapter 64: Actions always speak louder than words
Chapter 63: No longer in the early outer aura stage
Chapter 62: Repelling them head-on
Chapter 61: The Sacred Sun Clan comes knocking
Chapter 60: You won’t find the people you want, only a pair of fists!
Chapter 59: The Most Important Thing
Chapter 58: No Trivial Matter
Chapter 57: What the public loves to hear
Chapter 56: The Red Flower Withers
Chapter 55: Zhao Hao, a good person
Chapter 54: Even a draw will count as my loss!
Chapter 53: The Expert Reborn
Chapter 52: I also have a bad temper
Chapter 51: Dangers lurking all around
Chapter 50: The Eastern Tang’s Sixteenth Prince
Chapter 49: The Phoenix Awaiting Nirvana
Chapter 48: My strongest point is that I’m low-key
Chapter 47: Late outer aura Martial Scholar, don’t just focus on running away ah!
Chapter 46: Mid outer aura stage, is enough
Chapter 45: Like a father beating his son!
Chapter 44: Suppression of realms, Martial arts
Chapter 43: What they say doesn’t count
Chapter 42: A Sword-light flashes, Momentous Events Occur!
Chapter 41: What a valiant girl
Chapter 40: The Lin family maiden leaves seclusion
Chapter 39: A certain person’s piled-up psychological shadows
Chapter 38: Collect some interest first
Chapter 37: Glacial Dragon Bone Soul, Maiden of Extreme Yin
Chapter 36: The off-track Main Character
Chapter 35: Flames of Fury
Chapter 34: Ye Jing Reappears
Chapter 33: Slapping his own face
Chapter 32: Mr Dong and the Sacred Sun Saint
Chapter 31: The New and Old Hegemons
Chapter 30: Flaunting a non-existent authority
Chapter 29: Becoming an outer aura Martial Scholar!
Chapter 28: Six Spirits Demonic Fist, All-round increase in power
Chapter 27: The Rewards
Chapter 26: The Final Verdict
Chapter 25: Counterattack
Chapter 24: His defence
Chapter 23: Questioning Yan Zhaoge
Chapter 22: Yan Zhaoge’s gonna get it?
Chapter 21: The trouble shoved onto his head
Chapter 20: The odd metal tablet
Chapter 19: The fallen main character halo is quite durable!
Chapter 18: You can’t just take anything you please!
Chapter 17: Don’t look for treasure in front of Ye Jing
Chapter 16: Being made a scapegoat
Chapter 15: Wearing out steel shoes searching for something before finding it in front of you!
Chapter 14: Kicking people out without restraint!
Chapter 13: Whip your face until it’s bloody!
Chapter 12: Dragon Sealing Abyss, an inauspicious omen for Yan Zhaoge?
Chapter 11: Using Equipment to Crush the Opposition
Chapter 10: Close the Door, Release the Ye Jing
Chapter 9: Taking the Road Less Traveled, Acting Cool without Explanation
Chapter 8: Adversary from the Past
Chapter 7: Ye Jing’s Thoughts
Chapter 6: Indifferent to Life and Death, We Can Fight If You Are Not Convinced
Chapter 5: The Two Are Not on the Same Level
Chapter 4: A Yan Zhaoge Who Does Not Follow the Script
Chapter 3: Performing a Great Play
Chapter 2: Dragon against Dragon, a Stand Off Between Kings, Which is the True Dragon?
Chapter 1: I Got the Wrong Script!