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Chapter 2226: Shameless (2)

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Lei Yan and the others were still worried over what would happen if that demon came back. In the end, even long after night fell, no demon appeared.

“Could it be that Boss guessed correctly? This cave is truly abandoned?” Lei Yan felt that Boss was either extremely lucky or extremely smart.

The Night Soul Beast, firmly held in Ye Qingtang’s arms, could only silently roll its eyes.

Still worried, the teenagers decided to take turns and stand guard throughout the night. In the end, nothing happened at all.

The next morning, Ye Qingtang gathered them and told them that the best way to cut off the Night Soul Beast’s pursuit was to hunt the demons in this forest and cover themselves in the blood of those demons. This would dispel their scent and camouflage their presence amongst the other demons. In this way, the Night Soul Beast wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and the other demons.

The group all felt that the Night Soul Beast was just like an ax hanging over their heads.. They had no idea why Ye Qing had to bring them to this G.o.dforsaken place to train. But no matter how fearful they were, they had no choice but to comply for the sake of their own lives.

They truly believed that their Boss had brought them here as an evil prank.

Ye Qingtang had heard many stories about the Evil Soul Forest in her previous life. So she had a rather good understanding of the demons here. As long as they didn’t venture too deep into the forest, they wouldn’t encounter demons who were too powerful.

She led Lei Yan and the rest to explore the area surrounding the cave. Finding a few mediocre demons, she forced Lei Yan and the rest to step forward and kill them.

Fearful of the Night Soul Beast’s pursuit, the teenagers could only grit their teeth and charge forward.

After their initial fear, they soon realized that if they cooperated, those vicious-looking demons were not as terrifying as they imagined.

They didn’t know it was because Ye Qingtang had already a.s.sessed the powers of those demons, and determined that they could be handled by those teenagers.

Pressured by the threat of death, Lei Yan and the rest had no choice but to give their best. Even so, the sun was setting by the time they finally killed those demons. Even though they won, the group looked extremely wretched.

Nangong Lie almost broke his arm during the fight while Qin Feng was nearly bitten to death by one of the demons.

Throughout all of the fights, Ye Qingtang remained at the side observing, but she did not intervene at all. She just carefully a.n.a.lyzed how those brats fought.

Perhaps they themselves didn’t realize that when they fought the first demon, they had been in truly dire straits. But after achieving a certain level of camaraderie, and having gained some battle experience, their rate of injury lessened considerably toward th

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