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rom his body.

Suddenly, nine dragons were moving around him.

The nine dragons came in different colors. There was a Golden Dragon, a Black Dragon, a Blood Dragon, and other types of dragons.

The nine Divine Dragons emitted ominous auras and they seemed ready to devour everything.


The nine Divine Dragons left Tian Chenshan’s body and pounced toward the Golden Sun. In the blink of an eye, they tore the Golden Sun into pieces and devoured it.

“What?” When Ji Yuesong saw the scene, he was stunned. He knew that Tian Chenshan possessed the Nine Dragons Killing Heaven Primordial Spirit, but he had not expected it to be that powerful.


After the nine Divine Dragons had devoured the tiny Golden Sun, they pounced toward Ji Yuesong at rapid speed. They were awe-inspiring and ready to devour Ji Yuesong.


Ji Yuesong retreated. The huge Golden Crow that had engulfed him left him and flew toward the nine Divine Dragons.

Ji Yuesong was not afraid of the Nine Dragons Killing Heaven as his Destructive Golden Crow was ranked above it.

The huge Destructive Golden Crow flapped its wings and a sun darted across the sky, carrying with it a destructive aura.

The nine Divine Dragons were aggressive. They were not only ferocious but they were ready to devour everything.

“This aura…” Su Mo knitted his brows when he noticed that the nine Divine Dragons possessed devouring auras.

However, the devouring auras were different from the aura of his Devouring Primordial Spirit.


An earth-shattering explosion burst out when the Destructive Golden Crow and the nine Divine Dragons started to attack each other.

That was a fight between the top powers. That was not only a fight between their Primordial Spirits but their combat strength as well.

The Primordial Spirit and the Sage Pill in the martial artist are connected thus the Primordial Spirit could help to enhance the martial artist’s combat strength.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The area collapsed and the force burst out. The Destructive Golden Crow and the nine Divine Dragons fought ferociously like two giant beasts.

However, the Destructive Golden Crow was outnumbered. Although it was powerful, it started to lose its edge as it could not defend itself from the attacks from the nine Divine Dragons.

Ji Yuesong looked pale when he saw that the Golden Crow was losing the fight.

The nine Divine Dragons were like wild beasts. Although the individual powers of the Divine Dragons were slightly weaker than of the Golden Crow, their power was mighty when they joined forces.


After a while, the Golden Crow shrieked as it was badly injured by the nine Divine Dragons. Its body became illusory and ready to disperse.


Ji Yuesong spurted out a mouthful of blood and he looked pale.


The Golden Crow moved away from the nine Divine Dragons and entered Ji Yuesong’s body at lightning speed.

“Ji Yuesong, do you admit defeat?”

The nine Divine Dragons moved through the air as Tian Chenshan stopped attacking Ji Yuesong.

Tian Chenshan had reserved his strength. If he had gone all out, the Destructive Golden Crow would have been destroyed.

“I’ve heard that you possess the Heaven Devouring Saint Soul. Have you merged it with the Nine Dragons Killing Heaven Primordial Spirit?” Ji Yuesong asked, looking dispirited.

When he exchanged blows with Tian Chenshan earlier, he vividly sensed that Tian Chenshan had merged the Heaven Devouring Saint Soul with the Nine Dragons Killing Heaven Primordial Spirit.

The two types of power blended well with each other. It was not merely putting two different types of power together.

These two types of power came together to form a terrifying power.

“Hoho! You are smart!” Tian Chenshan said and smiled proudly.

It was those two types of power that had given him the confidence to vie for the top position. He believed t

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