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Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures

Author: 喵星人家的汪

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Updated: 2021-10-02 00:47:47

Latest chapter: Chapter 466: Impatient Voldemor

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《Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures》Latest chapter
Chapter 466: Impatient Voldemor
Chapter 465: Seeing Elaine Again
Chapter 464: A Sudden Storm
Chapter 463: An Unwinnable Be
Chapter 462: “Old Enemies” from France
Chapter 461: Evan’s Trouble
Chapter 460: Kreacher’s Change
Chapter 459: Narcissa Malfoy
Chapter 458: Evan’s Decision
Chapter 457: Harry is a Horcrux
Chapter 456: Mobile Wizarding School!
Chapter 455: Wizarding Schools and Customs
《Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures》' main text
Chapter 466: Impatient Voldemor
Chapter 465: Seeing Elaine Again
Chapter 464: A Sudden Storm
Chapter 463: An Unwinnable Be
Chapter 462: “Old Enemies” from France
Chapter 461: Evan’s Trouble
Chapter 460: Kreacher’s Change
Chapter 459: Narcissa Malfoy
Chapter 458: Evan’s Decision
Chapter 457: Harry is a Horcrux
Chapter 456: Mobile Wizarding School!
Chapter 455: Wizarding Schools and Customs
Chapter 454: Eleven Wizarding Schools
Chapter 453: Ludo Bagman
Chapter 452: The Astonishing Truth
Chapter 451: The Gate to a New World
Chapter 450: Departure, and the Portkey
Chapter 449: the Early Morning in the Burrow
Chapter 448: Ginny’s expectations
Chapter 447: I Want to Hug, too
Chapter 446: Cat on the Bed
Chapter 445: Discussion with Hermione
Chapter 444: Pyramid of Pharaoh Hermes
Chapter 443: Dinner and Performance
Chapter 442: Plans to Communicate with Hermione
Chapter 441: They Are All Angry
Chapter 440: Charlie and Bill
Chapter 439: Pig’s Tail Again?
Chapter 438: Expansion of the Store’s Business Scope
Chapter 437: The Fireplace Blasted up
Chapter 436: Contact with the Dursleys
Chapter 435: Evan’s Visi
Chapter 434: Harry’s Rebellion and Persuasion
Chapter 433: Plans for Marriage!
Chapter 432: The Invitation
Chapter 431: A Letter From Harry
Chapter 430: Harry’s Summer Vacation
Chapter 429: The End of Gryffindor’s Trial
Chapter 428: Book of Abraham, Part 3
Chapter 427: The Dream of the Evil God
Chapter 426: Mutation
Chapter 425: Allegiance or Death
Chapter 424: Voldemor
Chapter 423: Distrustful Allies
Chapter 422: The Vampires Show Up
Chapter 421: The Blood Pool
Chapter 420: The Death of Sirius
Chapter 419: A Chaotic Battle
Chapter 418: Terrible Speculation
Chapter 417: The Vampires’ Conspiracy
Chapter 416: Voldemort and the Vampire Caresius
Chapter 415: Centaurs Ruins and the Destroyers
Chapter 414: Evil in the Fores
Chapter 413: The City in the Dream
Chapter 412: Missing Witch
Chapter 411: The Centaurs’ Relics in the Depths of the Fores
Chapter 410: Departure to Albania
Chapter 409: Summer Life in Beauxbatons
Chapter 408: The Emerald Table
Chapter 407: Flamel’s Legacy
Chapter 406: A Scepter, and Two Giant Snakes
Chapter 405: The Golden Cave and The Crystal Tree
Chapter 404: Secret Inheritor
Chapter 403: The Book of Abraham
Chapter 402: Prophet Abraham
Chapter 401: Death and the Philosopher’s Stone
Chapter 400: Uncertain Future
Chapter 399: Alchemy
Chapter 398: Nicolas Flamel
Chapter 397: The Silver Moon and the Black Ca
Chapter 396: Beauxbatons
Chapter 395: House of Courage
Chapter 394: Evan’s Nonverbal Spell
Chapter 393: Evan Welcomed by the Ghos
Chapter 392: Fleur Delacour
Chapter 391: The Kiss and the Welcome Dinner
Chapter 390: Gabrielle and the Black Ca
Chapter 389: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Chapter 388: Here Is France!
Chapter 387: Dead Evil God
Chapter 386: Peter and the Throat of the Abyss
Chapter 385: Death Eaters
Chapter 384: Prisoners of Azkaban
Chapter 383: Azkaban, the Wizarding Prison
Chapter 382: Department of Mysteries and Departure
Chapter 381: The Legend of Azkaban and Slytherin
Chapter 380: Bertha Jorkins and Evan’s plan
Chapter 379: Mad-Eye Moody
Chapter 378: The Shocking Truth
Chapter 377: Mr. Weasley’s Office
Chapter 376: Barty Crouch
Chapter 375: Wand Core Revelations
Chapter 374: Security Check
Chapter 373: The Ministry of Magic
Chapter 372: Chosen by the Dark Lord
Chapter 371: Dispelling Methods and New Journey
Chapter 370: End of the Centaurs’ Chapter
Chapter 369: The Dark Mark
Chapter 368: Getting Gryffindor’s Treasure Key
Chapter 367: Fear Never Ends
Chapter 366: Evan’s Success!
Chapter 365: The Call of the Evil God
Chapter 364: The Descending Evil God
Chapter 363: The Top of the Temple and Dragon’s Slaughter
Chapter 362: Okegiga’s Story
Chapter 361: An Indescribable Imagination?
Chapter 360: Full of Evil Taboos
Chapter 359: Entering the Temple
Chapter 358: Sneaking into the Temple of the Moon
Chapter 357: Fighting the Dragon
Chapter 356: The Fire Dragon and the Temple of the Moon
Chapter 355: The Next Targe
Chapter 354: The Centaurs Civil War
Chapter 353: Okegiga the Centaur
Chapter 352: Gryffindor’s Reques
Chapter 351: The Philosopher’s Stone
Chapter 350: Gryffindor’s Illusion
Chapter 349: The Last Enemy
Chapter 348: Hermione’s Experience
Chapter 347: The Challenge Begins
Chapter 346: Gryffindor’s Secret Treasure Key
Chapter 345: Gryffindor’s Magic
Chapter 344: Stars, Illusions and Magic
Chapter 343: What Did the Four Founders Leave their Items for?
Chapter 342: Horrible Statues
Chapter 341: The Moon Temple and The Centaur Ghos
Chapter 340: Changed Fate and the Dark Temple
Chapter 339: The Centaurs Divided
Chapter 338: The Temple and the Vision in the Sky
Chapter 337: Arithmancy and Controversy
Chapter 336: Departure to the Centaurs’ Colony
Chapter 335: Mars and the Dark Temple
Chapter 334: Evan’s History of Magic Exa
Chapter 333: School Year Exams
Chapter 332: Evan’s Recovery Time
Chapter 331: Ron’s Suggestion
Chapter 330: Thoughts and Intentions
Chapter 329: Events That MUST Be Prevented
Chapter 328: Herpo’s Horcrux and Evan’s Hypothesis
Chapter 327: Herpo the Foul
Chapter 326: The Earliest Dark Wizard
Chapter 325: Secrets from Antiquity
Chapter 324: Try to Unscramble
Chapter 323: Rapid Improvemen
Chapter 322: Discussion in Dumbledore’s Office
Chapter 321: The Final Chapter in the Lair
Chapter 320: The Shadow of Salazar Slytherin
Chapter 319: The Trouble of Dealing With Slytherin
Chapter 318: Horcrux and Evan’s Conjecture
Chapter 317: The Wandering Madness
Chapter 316: Monster on the Ceiling
Chapter 315: Parseltongue and Hidden Secrets
Chapter 314: Underworld
Chapter 313: kill it Deep Underground
Chapter 312: Sequence of Events
Chapter 311: The Tale of Aragog
Chapter 310: The Dying Aragog
Chapter 309: The Evil Magic on the Rock Walls
Chapter 308: Dark Magic Fire Curse
Chapter 307: Unrealistic Fantasy
Chapter 306: Spider Eggs and The Female Spider
Chapter 305: Glad to Devour You!
Chapter 304: Deep Into Aragog’s Lair
Chapter 303: The Wise Choice
Chapter 302: Abandoning Malfoy
Chapter 301: Whispers From the Dark
Chapter 300: The Battle, and the Nightmare
Chapter 299: Buckbeak Swooping Down
Chapter 298: To Save or Not to Save…
Chapter 297: Malfoy, on the Verge of Becoming Food
Chapter 296: A Disaster Waiting to Happen
Chapter 295: Flight on Buckbeak
Chapter 294: Sirius’s Tears
Chapter 293: The Quidditch Finals
Chapter 292: The Grand Billboard
Chapter 291: the Eve of the Finals
Chapter 290: Dreams and Illusions
Chapter 289: Buckbeak and the New Plan
Chapter 288: Fruitless Flight Practice
Chapter 287: Hermione’s Divination class
Chapter 286: Hermione’s Time
Chapter 285: Warmth, and Success
Chapter 284: Teaching Hermione
Chapter 283: Training and Evan’s Curse
Chapter 282: First Encounters
Chapter 281: Surround and Annihilate
Chapter 280: Action Begins
Chapter 279: The Plan to Surround and Annihilate the Acromantulas
Chapter 278: Harry’s decision
Chapter 277: Centaurs’ Requirements
Chapter 276: Firenze’s Warning
Chapter 275: The Elder Centaur
Chapter 274: Unfriendly Centaurs
Chapter 273: Whereabouts of Another Key
Chapter 272: Boys’ Talk and the Forbidden Fores
Chapter 271: Carnival Party and Preparation for Departure
Chapter 270: The Patronus Charm, and the Wrong Path
Chapter 269: Malfoy’s Stupidity
Chapter 268: Dating Ravenclaw’s Seeker
Chapter 267: The upcoming Quidditch Match
Chapter 266: Quidditch Training
Chapter 265: The Centaurs’ Recognition
Chapter 264: The Marauder’s Map Making Process
Chapter 263: Hermione’s Trus
Chapter 262: Ron and the Rumors
Chapter 261: Rumors of Black Magic
Chapter 260: Hermione, and Evan’s Original Intention
Chapter 259: Evan and the Dark Arts
Chapter 258: Evan’s Power
Chapter 257: Sprouting Seeds
Chapter 256: Seeds of Distrus
Chapter 255: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 254: House War
Chapter 253: Abnormal Snape
Chapter 252: Echoes of The Firebol
Chapter 251: The New Semester Begins
Chapter 250: Tit for Ta
Chapter 249: Reopening the Dueling Club
Chapter 248: The New D.A.D.A Professor
Chapter 247: Pettigrew’s Verdic
Chapter 246: Lonely Heroes
Chapter 245: Permanent Spell Damage
Chapter 244: Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes
Chapter 243: Visiting Ron
Chapter 242: St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
Chapter 241: Store Planning and Design
Chapter 240: Sirius’s Wand
Chapter 239: The Black Family Deeds
Chapter 238: Treasures Beyond Imagination
Chapter 237: Vault Number One
Chapter 236: Ukrainian Ironbelly
Chapter 235: A Dragon Deep Underground
Chapter 234: The Black Family’s Wealth
Chapter 233: Planning and Arrangemen
Chapter 232: Sleepless Christmas Nigh
Chapter 231: The Firebol
Chapter 230: Forest in Albania
Chapter 229: Elaine Slytherin
Chapter 228: Do You Want to be a Vampire?
Chapter 227: Forgotten Inheritance
Chapter 226: Arrangement of Fate
Chapter 225: Blood-Flavored Lollipops
Chapter 224: History of Vampires and the First Embrace
Chapter 223: Vampires
Chapter 222: Sudden Duel
Chapter 221: Strange Girl
Chapter 220: Sweetness Under the Mistletoe
Chapter 219: Christmas Carnival in Diagon Alley
Chapter 218: Christmas Party
Chapter 217: A Humble Funeral
Chapter 216: Let’s Go Home
Chapter 215: Finding Regulus
Chapter 214: Evan’s Attack
Chapter 213: Fighting the Inferi
Chapter 212: Challenges to Be Faced
Chapter 211: The Liquid in the Stone Basin
Chapter 210: The Power of Evan
Chapter 209: The Amount of Magic
Chapter 208: Strange Feelings
Chapter 207: Inferi in the Lake
Chapter 206: The Great Black Lake
Chapter 205: The Cave under the Cliff
Chapter 204: Traces of Magic
Chapter 203: Reducio and Departure
Chapter 202: Horcruxes and Confession
Chapter 201: The Method of Making a Horcrux
Chapter 200: Secrets of the Darkest Ar
Chapter 199: Going to the Cave
Chapter 198: Kreacher’s Friendship
Chapter 197: The Black Family’s Devotion
Chapter 196: The Story of Regulus
Chapter 195: Kreacher and Regulus
Chapter 194: The Black Family Tree
Chapter 193: Destroying the Second Horcrux
Chapter 192: Slytherin’s Locke
Chapter 191: Kreacher the House-Elf
Chapter 190: The Black Family’s Collection
Chapter 189: 12 Grimmauld Place
Chapter 188: The Best Christmas Presen
Chapter 187: Hermione’s Christmas Presen
Chapter 186: Wave Effec
Chapter 185: Hiring Lupin
Chapter 184: “Hogwarts Magic” Development Plan
Chapter 183: The Order of Merlin
Chapter 182: The Prisoner’s Final Chapter
Chapter 181: Would it be Snape?
Chapter 180: The Stag and the Doe
Chapter 179: Catching Peter Pettigrew
Chapter 178: 4 Ways to Improve Magic
Chapter 177: Split Treasure Key
Chapter 176: Firenze the Centaur
Chapter 175: Centaurs and Divination
Chapter 174: Make an Ambush and Wai
Chapter 173: A Paradoxal Existence
Chapter 172: Evan and Snape’s Duel
Chapter 171: Evan vs. Snape
Chapter 170: The Taste of Revenge
Chapter 169: Plan in Progress
Chapter 168: A Plan to Change History
Chapter 167: Time-Turner
Chapter 166: Dialogue in the Ward
Chapter 165: Two Patronuses
Chapter 164: Death of Wormtail
Chapter 163: Death in Fire
Chapter 162: Aragog’s Lair
Chapter 161: The Acromantulas’ Reward
Chapter 160: Change of Mind
Chapter 159: One Cannot Escape Death
Chapter 158: Ron Breaking Free
Chapter 157: Power of Friendship
Chapter 156: What a Friend Is
Chapter 155: Black’s Expectations
Chapter 154: Harry’s Choice
Chapter 153: Strange Feeling
Chapter 152: Tom and Jerry
Chapter 151: Ron’s Resistance
Chapter 150: Hero
Chapter 149: Gryffindor’s Tes
Chapter 148: Evan’s Nerves
Chapter 147: Future Star of the Magic
Chapter 146: Peter’s Lies
Chapter 145: Peter Pettigrew
Chapter 144: What’s in the Wardrobe
Chapter 143: Chosen by the Dark Lord
Chapter 142: A True Prophecy
Chapter 141: Crookshanks and the New Password
Chapter 140: Sybill Patricia Trelawney
Chapter 139: Unhappy Lunch
Chapter 138: Plan Begins
Chapter 137: Howlers to the Headmaster
Chapter 136: Dumbledore’s Expectations
Chapter 135: The Sorting Hat Is Never Wrong
Chapter 134: The Departure of Professor Lupin
Chapter 133: Wings of a Butterfly
Chapter 132: Ron’s Accusations
Chapter 131: Girls’ Minds
Chapter 130: Not the Usual Ron
Chapter 129: Bravery
Chapter 128: Warmth of Trus
Chapter 127: I Believe in Him
Chapter 126: Covered Conspiracy
Chapter 125: Tears of the Werewolf
Chapter 124: Anomalous Slytherin
Chapter 123: Hard Time
Chapter 122: Werewolf Rio
Chapter 121: Lucius’ Plo
Chapter 120: Werewolf vs. Dog
Chapter 119: Hermione’s Decision
Chapter 118: Battle with the Werewolf
Chapter 117: Evan’s Fear
Chapter 116: Fenrir Greyback
Chapter 115: Darkness Falls
Chapter 114: Lucius’ Christmas Gif
Chapter 113: Convincing Hermione
Chapter 112: Better Be Hones
Chapter 111: Identity Exposure
Chapter 110: Evan and Black’s Deal
Chapter 109: Lonely Avenger
Chapter 108: Contact with the Stray Dog
Chapter 107: Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop
Chapter 106: Cho Chang
Chapter 105: Hidden Truth
Chapter 104: Legendary Magical Items
Chapter 103: The Secret Behind the Marauder’s Map
Chapter 102: The Marauder’s Map Controversy
Chapter 101: Snape’s Jealousy
Chapter 100: I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good
Chapter 99: Marauder’s Map
Chapter 98: Defending Buckbeak
Chapter 97: Hagrid and Buckbeak
Chapter 96: The Imperius Curse Reappears
Chapter 95: Scabbers’ Death
Chapter 94: Filch’s Office
Chapter 93: The Young Wizards’ Patronuses
Chapter 92: Dementors’ Feas
Chapter 91: Strange thoughts
Chapter 90: 1st Quidditch Opponen
Chapter 89: Identifying and Killing Werewolves
Chapter 88: Evolving Conspiracy
Chapter 87: Peter’s Memory
Chapter 86: Lupin’s Memory
Chapter 85 – Hermione’s Worries
Chapter 84 – Lupin’s Remorse
Chapter 83 – Second Contact with Stray Dogs
Chapter 82 – The Beginning of Fear
Chapter 81 – Omens of Despair
Chapter 80 – Blood Omen
Chapter 0079 Omen of Death
Chapter 0078 Quiet and Warm
Chapter 0077 Opening Banque
Chapter 0076 Ivan’s Patronus
Chapter 0075 First Encounter with Dementors
Chapter 0074 The night before School
Chapter 0073 Crookshanks and Scabbers
Chapter 0072 Diagon Alley and The Leaky Cauldron
Chapter 0071 Giving the Cat a Name
Chapter 0070 Sirius Black
Chapter 0069 Knight Bus
Chapter 0068 A Stray Dog
Chapter 0067 Animagus
Chapter 0066 Busy Summer
Chapter 0065 End of the Year
Chapter 0064 Dumbledore’s Tes
Chapter 0063 Special Award for Services to the School
Chapter 0062 Headmaster’s Lively Office
Chapter 0061 Lockhart’s Final Day
Chapter 0060 The Keys
Chapter 0059 The Founders Secret Treasures
Chapter 0058 The Founder’s Dispute
Chapter 0057 Hogwarts a Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 0056 Ivan and Harry vs Tom Riddle
Chapter 0055 The Truth
Chapter 0054 The Chamber of Secrets
Chapter 0053 The Crazy Basilisk
Chapter 0052 Slytherin’s Heir
Chapter 0051 The New Plan
Chapter 0050 Hagrid and Aragog
Chapter 0049 Fifty Years Ago
Chapter 0048 Second Contac
Chapter 0047 First Contac
Chapter 0046 Tom Riddle’s Diary
Chapter 0045 The Third Attack
Chapter 0044 Beating up Malfoy
Chapter 0043 To Slthyerin’s Common Room
Chapter 0042 Christmas Presents
Chapter 0041 Rumors
Chapter 0040 The Unforgivable Curse
Chapter 0039 Rif
Chapter 0038 The Unexpected Duel
Chapter 0037 Duelling Club
Chapter 0036 Polyjuice Potion
Chapter 0035 The Second Attack
Chapter 0034 The House Elves’ Ligh
Chapter 0033 The House Elf
Chapter 0032 Out of Control Bludger
Chapter 0031 Infinite Loop
Chapter 0030 The Chamber of Secrets
Chapter 0029 Mrs. Norris petrified
Chapter 0028 The first attack
Chapter 0027 Special Corresponden
Chapter 0026 Nearly Headless Nick’s Deathday Party
Chapter 0025 Deviation from the Story
Chapter 0024 Extraordinary Sucess
Chapter 0023 The first issue of the newspaper
Chapter 0022 Conflict and Figh
Chapter 0021 To Hogsmeade
Chapter 0020 Humbly Accepting Cowardice
Chapter 0019 Ivan’s Concern
Chapter 0018 Ivan’s Revenge
Chapter 0017 Luna Lovegood
Chapter 0016 Preparing Manuscripts
Chapter 0015 Hagrid’s Cabin
Chapter 0014 Colin Creevey
Chapter 0013 A Howler
Chapter 0012 Hogwarts’ Magic Newspaper
Chapter 0011 Late to the Sorting Hat Ceremony
Chapter 0010 Professor Snape
Chapter 0009 Flying to Hogwarts
Chapter 0008 Life at the Burrow
Chapter 0007 The dispute at Flourish & Blotts
Chapter 0006 Ivan’s Wand
Chapter 0005 The Weasley Family
Chapter 0004 Diagon Alley
Chapter 0003 Be my Gues
Chapter 0002 Future Senior
Chapter 0001 The Boy and the Owl