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Chapter 550: Brother, If You’re Good, Go On!

When Bai Yingzhu found Bai Lang, he was squatting bitterly in front of the huge French window and begging the boy to come home.

“Baby Gong, I beg you. It’s cold here and the wind is strong. If you catch a cold, your father will kill me!”

The boy was indifferent.

“Baby Gong, I’m sorry. I went to the washroom for a long time just now and didn’t come to accompany you in time. Don’t be angry, okay?”

The boy ignored him.

“Baby Gong, that little vixen who’s pestering your father is already here! Don’t you want to take a look? I’ll take you there!” Bai Lang used his trump card.

However, the boy remained silent.

He leaned against the railing alone and stared intently at the bustling customers outside the French window and the long golden corridor.

Those innocent and big eyes were watery and reflected a cold and lonely starlight.

Bai Lang was really going crazy.

What was the boy looking for? It was fine if he ignored him, but he couldn’t even be bothered to see Gong Jue’s little vixen anymore?

This was really illogical! Didn’t he say that he would let the little demon completely give up becoming a stepmother today?

Just as Bai Lang was scratching his ears and scratching his cheeks, unable to think of a way to persuade the boy to move, Bai Yeyuan walked over coldly from behind in a black suit.

His black leather shoes stopped in front of the boy. He bent one knee slightly and barely lowered his height to a height where he could talk to the boy. But his voice was still cold as he asked, “You’ve already found him. Why isn’t he coming back?”

Bai Lang had a bitter expression on his face. “I don’t know! A child’s thoughts are freaking harder to guess than a woman’s! If there’s really no other way, I can only invite his father over…”

Bai Yeyuan glared at Bai Lang coldly. “You brought Gong Jue’s son out to play and want to find Gong Jue when you can’t clear up his mess. Do you have the cheek to do that?”

Bai Lang choked.

Although this was the truth, he had no choice.

The boy was too stubborn. Let alone Bai Lang, even ten bulls wouldn’t be able to move him.

“Why don’t you do it if you’re capable, my dear brother?” Bai Lang said bravely. Bai Yeyuan was a cold and sinister ten-thousand-year-old bachelor. What patience could a man like him have for children when he was even impatient with women? That would be ridiculous! He would definitely be inferior to him.

What shocked Bai Lang was that Bai Yeyuan stared at the boy and said simply but patiently, “I have a way to help you. It’s better to take action than to waste time here.”

In that instant, the boy moved abruptly.

His big eyes locked onto Bai Yeyuan. “Uncle Yeyuan, I’ve already searched the entire golden diamond corridor. There’s no sign of Little Sister…”

“I’ll give you the surveillance video of the entire golden diamond corridor tonight. Go home and take a look.”

“Okay!” The boy stood up immediately. He was in high spirits. “I want to go home!”

The cold expression on Bai Yeyuan’s face melted a little. He patted the boy’s shoulder and said, “Be good and come with me.”

The boy didn’t hesitate for a second. He strode forward with his short legs and took the initiative to leave with Bai Yeyuan.

He was leaving just like that!

Bai Lang was speechless.

d.a.m.n it! Wasn’t he supposed to be single for ten thousand years?

He actually knew how to coax children better than him!

Looking at Bai Yeyuan’s natural and effective method of coaxing children, Bai Lang thought tragically that perhaps his older brother would have a child earlier than him in the future!

Furthermore, he might even become a slave to his child in the future!

There was no brotherly love at all.

Bai Lang’s heart shattered into pieces. Behind him, Bai Yingzhu happened to rush over. With mucus and tears streaming down her face, she cried about everything t

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