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Weekly chapters (2/2).

This is the end of Myne’s Arc and the end of LN vol.2.

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Chapter 53 – In The Land of Gallia

I gave the black s.h.i.+eld a try. It was fairly heavy.

Compared to the other forms, this one was the heaviest.

I cannot handle it with only one hand, but it seemed fine if I used both hands to hold it firmly.

『How is my third form?』

[This is quite good. Up until now…..we've never been able to properly defend against wide-area attacks. How much can this s.h.i.+eld defend against?]

『You can defend against most attacks. In addition, you can also expand its area of defense by supplying it with magic.』

[With that, can we defend against wide area attacks?]

『It's possible. Depending on how you use it』

So I can expand its defense zone by using my magical power?

With this black s.h.i.+eld, I can fight while protecting others…..yes, it should be possible now. Just as Greed said, it'll depend on how I use it.

And suitably, I'm still in Gallia now. There is no better place to practice.

When I raised my black s.h.i.+eld again, Myne approached me with an interested look.

[In the middle of Gallia, unlocking a tier….I'm amazed]

[It's only normal. Greed won't pick the time and place. He's really a greedy one, and selfish too.]

[Ah, that fellow has always been like that since a long time ago. I completely forgot.]

I kinda knew already that Greed and Myne had some kind of relations.h.i.+p in the past. But they don't talk to each other that much.

It doesn't seem like they are on really good terms. Perhaps, they were once battle companions?

I understood about their relations.h.i.+p to some extent, but not too deep either. Also, they didn't interfere with each other. They'll cooperate with each other when it comes to battle too..

How about me then? As a holder of the same kind of skill, what is my relations.h.i.+p compared to Myne?

Well, there are things that don't really need to be worried about. Anyways, I had something to ask to Myne.

[Myne….I have a request, is that okay?]

[U~n, depend]

[Look, my stats are greatly weakened after liberating Greed. Can you help me to raise my stats a little, until I at least can fight on my own? Please!]

Myne seemed to be considering it. Please, say yes.

Travelling through Gallia which full of strong monster with my current stats is just looking to die. Moreover, it's even more dangerous since the monsters always come in horde.

Myne looked at my face, then smiling faintly. What the…that creeps me out.

[Very well. I'll help. You've worked hard to defeat Haniel after all. Moreover, it'll be troublesome if Fate died so easily.]

[Thank you.]

[However, I want you to help me bury this child under this land first.]

Myne pointed to the Haniel's remains. It was broken down, some had even become dust, carried by the wind, but there were still remnants.

The soul had been eaten by me. At the very least, its body can return to the ground.

[I'll be happy to do that]

[Yes….thank you]

That last part was said in a very low voice.

That's surprising. I wonder how that girl really is behind the scenes. I've got to figure her out somehow during our journey. Well let's just help out for now.

In the middle of the cl.u.s.ter of tombstones. That place will be Haniel's final resting place.

Since Myne dug the hole with single blow from her black axe, I could only watch on the side.

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