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Chapter 52 – The Third Tier

3 blades appeared side-by-side. The current black scythe's form would remind the onlookers of the claws of a beast.

Its size had also grown bigger, making the already originally hard-to-wield weapon to become even more c.u.mbersome

Just like the changes to the black bow, this one's size had also expanded. I can see now why this is called a Mortal Sin weapon as it does something like this without permission.

From the pressure transmitted to my hand alone, I realized that this is a weapon of tremendous power.

When I looked up again, it seemed that Haniel is still focusing on recovering itself.

[We can go on if it's like this!]

『Find where the magic power is focused at』

I quickly scanned the area with the red eye as soon as Greed told me to.

The inside of Haniel's body was pulsating with strands of magical power like twigs branching out of a tree so I tried to trace it back to its origin..

It was just like what I expected. The source of the magic power was the girl who acts as the core. The target I was looking for is actually her heart.

With it as the center, magic power coursed through Haniel's whole body.

If I can split the heart with this sinister scythe, it'll be over.

The problem is Haniel's self regeneration. Even if its head or arms are cut off, it will regenerate back in no time.

However, it seemed that the phenomenal self regeneration had slowed down somehow.

The lower body that Myne had blown off hadn't regenerated yet. Neither did the arms that I had cut off.

[Is it weakened?]

『It forced itself to mature. As a result, its regeneration had slowed down. It's still there though. It just needs more time』

[If that's the case, I'll use this chance to settle this.]

『Why of course.』

I wielded the huge scythe and took aim. I'll slice it apart as we pa.s.s through each other.

At that point, Haniel seemed to notice me and prepared to do something.

It briskly surrounded itself with barrier.

The core also began to do something different. This movement…..no way!?

Several blue flames appeared in the confined s.p.a.ce..

『Tsk, Haniel wants to drag us along to the grave. It actually burned itself out』

There is no place to escape. Did it try to take me along as I defeated it?

Haniel had tremendous self-healing. Even if it's a bit slow, it can still regenerate itself to full health.

On the other hand, my auto-recovery won't heal fatal injuries. If I touched the blue flame inside such a confined s.p.a.ce, I'll die before the skill can even activate.

What to do…should I just call off

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