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Chapter 51 – Drawing Power

Haniel spread its feathers to its surrounding when it flapped its wings.

That spectacle reminded me of something. Myne warned me while I was watching the falling feathers..

[It'll explode when touched. Be careful.]

[If all of that exploded, not even bones will remain.]

Myne and I promptly went in. Aiming for the Haniel.

Since I had pulled out half of Gluttony's hunger, my physical capabilities received substantial boost. Even now, I can clearly see all those falling feathers without missing one.

Also, all of my stats, no, I must make do with what I have. I'll devour Haniel before the time limit.

The feathers that fell to the ground began to detonate, causing the atmosphere to heat up. Large amount of feathers flew towards me from the right side due to the irregular wind.

Just in time, let's use that.

[Greed, shall we?]

『Absurd. There is no way this me will be scratched from that. But what about you?』

[The time is right. Let's go!]

I deliberately ignored him.

I cut away at a feather with the black sword. Sure enough, a huge explosion occurred, propelling me to the air. This degree of burns will get healed shortly thanks to auto recovery.

In mid-air, I switched to the black bow and told Greed.

[I didn't get here merely from luck alone. Greed, take away 10% of my stats.]

『Very well, I'll do that. 10% of your stats!』

The black bow changed shape immediately. I aimed the black bow which had turned into the instrument of death toward Haniel.

The magic arrow is formed, already infused with Dust magic.

I will turn those feathers along with Haniel into stone. There was still Myne among the flock of feathers, but it'll be okay. I have Greed to control the magic arrow's path.

So even if I fired the arrow while closing my eyes, I still wouldn't hit Myne.

[Let's go, Greed!]

The empowered petrifying arrow was fired, shooting through the air like a lightning bolt. Along the way, it branched into many, shooting down countless feathers all at once, turning them into stone before they can detonate.

Haniel itself was. .h.i.t by the main arrow. Its body won't get fully petrified, but regardless, the magic arrow still packed a lot of punch.

With tremendous power, a huge chunk of Haniel's body were rendered petrified.

I shouted to Myne whilst floating in midair.

[Myne, now!]

Even without my words, Myne already knew what to do as she was already on her way to approach Haniel directly.

The partially petrified Haniel was full of gaps.

[Perfect opportunity. Here we go. Sloth, release!]

Myne held the axe up and swung. In response to that, the black axe changed shape instantaneously.

The axe head became bigger and sharper in preparation to unleash all the power it had acc.u.mulated so far. As the dark light turned brighter, the weight also seemed like it increased further.

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