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Chapter 45 – Regained Honor

Hausen city was finally free of monsters. At least, in a bit…

The skeletons on the southern, eastern, and northern parts of the city were already under control. Which left us with the western area. We were in the midst of battle to retake that part.

Aaron and I had hunted over 1000 skeletons up to now, so the acc.u.mulated aggro was really high.

I had never hunted monsters continuously without breaks before this, so this could be regarded as unknown territory for me.

[Aaron, the skeletons are swarming on us like ants finding sugar.]

[Normally, doing continuously hunting like this is dangerous and should never be done. However, it's not much of a trouble with you around.]

Aaron's holy sword was infused with Holy Attribute; I could tell from how he easily hacked through 5 skeletons who were coming at him. Un, I don't think that my presence here was needed if at all….it's that kind of fight.

He was truly on fire.

Since we defeated Lich Lord, it's been a non-stop 15 hour hunting without any breaks or sleep. No, judging with how it's already twilight here, I guess it's been 18 hours? We were hunting skeletons to the point that we were no longer aware about the pa.s.sage of time. If I went to sleep now, I'm pretty sure I'll have a dream about skeletons. Other than that, I'm also slightly worried that the Gluttony skill will flare up again.

[Fate, it will be over once we defeated these skeletons. Can you still go on?]

[Of course]

I switched my sword into bow, and rained down a hail of arrows. Of course, all of them were petrification magic arrows.

I feel like I'm progressing fast in terms of handling the magic bow from this fight. It's clear that the foundation that Aaron had taught me was the cause of this improvement..

In addition to that, there was someone acting as a role model fighting in front of me. I wondered myself if watching him fight could be counted as practice. Let's try imitating how Aaron did it.

While twisting, jumping, and stirring my body around, I kept releasing arrows into the air. Since I'm using Greed, all I need is to aim a little, and the arrows will correct itself and pierce the target skeleton's head.

《Gluttony Skill activated》

《Durability+1290, Strength+1440, Magic+1110, Spirit+1230, Agility+770 will be applied to your stat》

Wow, this is really useful. I realized something whilst hearing the inorganic voice.

How to fight while avoiding enemy's attack simultaneously. Up to now my brain had been processing attacking and evading attack separately, but apparently it's possible to do it at the same time. You do start to understand new things while fighting alongside Aaron.

Since this will be the last time, I'll burn Aaron's fighting style into my mind. How he launched an attack without wasted movements. To what extent he was aware of th

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