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Chapter 29 The Weight of a Fist

The next morning, the clouds disappeared, and the blue sky returned.

As the day got brighter, I looked at the village once more. It was completely burned down.

The few surviving villagers, they cried with their knees on the burnt ground.

They'd lost everything.

And then, there was Seto's house which was left untouched, a weird spectacle among all that. Soon enough, the villagers might ask Seto about this.

Why was it that only his house did not receive any damage, it was not amusing for those other villagers who suffered.

Seto would have to think his next moves from now on. As for me, I was following my schedule.

After telling Seto, I walked to the remnants of my old house.

Toward the southernmost part of the village, while smelling the burning fragrance.

My house was untouched by the gargoyles' fire attack. Wild plants grew in its surroundings freely.

Pa.s.sing through the courtyard, I proceeded into the interior. Here was also dominated by wild plants.

I drew the black sword from its sheath, and used it to cut down the obstructive plants.

After a while of cutting and advancing, I could finally make out two small gravestones placed next to each other.

「Father、Mother……I'm home」

It had been a very long time, and since it never received direct sunlight, the gravestones were covered by moss.

Let's take care of it quick. I slid back Greed into its sheath, and bent over.

My hands slowly peeled off the moss covering my mother's gravestone

My mother, she died after giving birth to me. My father told me that she was talkative and liked to meddle with others. How true that was, I had no way of knowing.

「Yosh, it's all cleaned. Next is Father.」

My father who died from disease when I was 11. Using his spear skill, my father who drove away the monsters from the village was my younger self's idol.

My father tried his hardest to contribute to the village, so that I wouldn't be bullied. He always smiled, I wondered how.

Back then, he taught me that no matter how painful it got, if you kept smiling, happiness would find you sooner or later. From that day onwards, I also tried hard to keep smiling.

However, father died of disease even with his smile. I stopped forcing myself to smile starting from then.

After five years had pa.s.sed. I finally understood that those smiles were for my happiness.

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