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Chapter 71 – Area E

The arrow I released at the man in black was deflected by the black bullet he shot.

So is it useless….? Then I just need to not stop trying.

I'll just continue to rain attacks to glean more information about that weapon's capability.

[Chi, such a nuisance.]

The omega slime kept multiplying. It may hit over 100 in numbers by the evening.

Rather than the omega slimes, I had to stop that man in black who was the root of this problem….

Though I understood that I couldn't ignore it either, especially if it multiplied to such an extent.

[Really a huge nuisance.]

The omega slimes had even obstructed my line of sight to that man in black. The translucent gigantic blobs had actually surrounded me. Meanwhile, that guy hadn't even budged a single step from where he stood.

It's a quite frightening situation.

I don't think I can get out of this place while remaining unscathed.

But he's sorely mistaken if he thought that this will stop me. I'm only just begun here.

How cute you are, aren't you? Just as I expected, the omega slimes suddenly surged towards me all at once. There was no room to escape… or was there….?

The acidic liquid laced with corrosive magic that could melt me without leaving any trace, sprayed from all directions.

Greed shouted to me, seemingly a little restless.

『Fate! Where is your countermeasure, Fate!』

My sight turned blurry. But I marched on.

I continued walking toward the man in black through every omega slimes.

[Fuー, it's a bit bothersome to not be able to breath.]

『You……have already used it』

[It's thanks to Gluttony skill]

The ground I had stepped on was blackened, rotting due to decay. And any omega slime which struck me collapsed in the same way.

――corrosion magic.

I used this magic I got earlier and overpowered the omega slime's own corrosion magic and acidic body liquid by using more magic power than they could.

[These omega slimes are no longer a threat to me anymore.]

The inorganic voice began to resound in my head, telling me that I had killed something. Here was where the problem began.

《Gluttony Skill Activated》

《Durability+133600000, Strength+87600000, Magic+119830000, Spirit+112480000, Agility+53470000 will be applied to your stats》

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