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I’m jealous of Fate.

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Chapter 134 – Tetra's Nightview

Eris told me that one of the Zodiac knights, Libra, was also known in the past as the Attuner.

While being a knight who served G.o.d, he's also a man who won't hesitate to do anything, even against his own belief.

According to Eris, he's the kind of guy who would readily sign a contract with the devil in order to achieve his aspiration; which is to [Purge those that threaten the world's order].

What crossed my mind afterward was us, the holder of Mortal Sin skill. If what she said is true, then he cannot possibly tolerate us who own skills that violate the world's rule.

When I told Eris what I thought, she laughed at me.

That guy had something more important to attend to at the moment… Libra's highest priority is currently the Door to that Land.

It's an existence that could send the world's common sense collapsing. It's easy to see, with how it could revive the dead back to the living.

Eris told me we can make use of him, at least up until we manage to close the Door. After that, we'd have to kill him.

Eris clearly had prior relations with this Libra. It's obvious from her facial expression that she hated him enough to be so fervent in wanting him to die.

But that's all she told me. She didn't tell of what happened between them in the past. Perhaps it's something she doesn't want to tell to another. At least I could understand that much.

For a while, we watched the nightview together atop the hill.

[Forgive me… Fate.]

[No need to apologize. By all means, even I have something that I can't tell to others.]

[Ahahaha, you're right. You are also keeping a secret from Roxy. Does she know about your condition?]

[Not yet… I haven't told her. Thinking about it will eventually make me bald..]

But Roxy herself never asked me about it.

[That is so like her. You should be grateful that such a kind girl is willing to be with you despite all the odds.]

[I always feel that way, even without you telling me to.]

[In that case, you should start responding to her feelings. Since your time is limited, it becomes even more important now.]

[….that is]

[She even willingly abandoned her position as a Holy Knight to accompany you. Why? Do I have to make it more obvious to you?]

Eris then looked away from me. Her eyes were not focused on the sky, as if she was looking at something that is very far in the distance.

As I gazed at the night sky, my mind wandered, thinking about Roxy.

Back at Gallia… I hid my face under the skull mask to fight for and protect Roxy. When we visited the green valley, the ground collapsed and we were isolated together. We had a fairly long conversation back then. At that time, she didn't know that the masked person was me because the skull mask had recognition inhibitor. But she didn't show any wariness towards me, saying that my

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