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Chapter 181

Translator: Raizu

Editor: Mirp

Episode 181 – Quiet Morning

I was alone, watching as dawn came over Hauzen .

The sun usually rose from the beyond the horizon . But now, it’s different .

The sun was covered by the rising Gallian continent this time, illuminating it like a halo . The scene looked majestic, nevertheless .

For those who didn’t know, they would probably get captivated by such a sight .

[Hey, Fate . ]


[What’s with that surprised look?]

[I mean, it’s rare to see you up this early in the morning . ]

[I do get up early sometimes . I just want to see the rumoured scenery this time . ]

I was sitting on a bench in the mansion’s courtyard .

Raine took a seat besides me .

[I already heard . You lost Greed . And yet here you are, looking fine and all . I thought you’d take it really hard . ]

[I guess it’s all thanks to Myne . She told me to not give up just yet . ]

[I see . Then, this is for you . ]

Raine handed me an envelope .

[From who?]

[Your father…it’s from Dean . ]

[From Dad!?]

I unconsciously put more strength than needed to my grip, causing the enveloped to be crumpled .

[He also told me that he’ll be waiting for you at the depths of Gallia . What’ll you do next?]

[Isn’t it obvious?]

I gave Raine a look .

She let out a bitter smile as if she had done something wrong .

[Already itching for a fight? You two are really similar . ]


I used to feel some happiness when recalling the past .

Now that feeling was replaced by repulsion .

Dad had opened the Door to His Land .

Now, monsters started resurrecting everywhere, causing pain to the people .

Only last night I heard that a small village was annihilated by monsters’ attack .

Monsters had also gathered around the capital, probably attracted by the smell of living humans . There’s a possibility that a death march will occur some time soon .

Aaron and the White Knights desperately defended the capital . It’s fairly safe right there at the moment .

Being told that I’m similar to the person that caused all that, I was left speechless .

[Your father, he was born with Divine stigmata . ]

[Just like Snow… . . ]

[The Divine mark . It’s like the will of G.o.d, it can’t be resisted . ]

[Are you telling me that the order Dad was given is to open the Door to His Land?]

[Judging from the situation, that should be the case . Whenever he was committing himself to the effort of opening the Door to His Land, the mark on his cheek would glow . ]

Even so, there’s something strange about it .

Libra, for better or worse, was trying to prevent the Door from opening .

But on the contrary, Dad was trying to open it .

[What Libra and Dad were doing was a total opposite . ]

[Perhaps, despite being similarly sacred beastkin, they received different orders . ]

[You mean!?]

[There may be more than one G.o.d’s will . I’m pretty sure of this . Each of them might just be trying to fulfill their given mission, but your father hates Libra on a personal level . Perhaps they had a connection in the past . ]

Multiple G.o.d’s will… . . ?

Now that I think about it, if all the sacred beastkin were given the same mission, they should’ve been able to achieve it more effectively .

Why does it have to be like that? If the commands they were given are conflicting with each other, won’t there be a chance that none of them would be fulfilled?

[I simply don’t get G.o.d’s intention in all these . ]

[Indeed . Our life would probably be a lot easier if we could understand the G.o.d’s intention . On the other hand, there are more than one way to achieve something, and we are left with the ability to choose how . ]

[More than one way…]

[That’s what makes being a researcher fun . ]

[In the end it’s just for your amus.e.m.e.nt after all . ]


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