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Chapter 101 – The Last of the Burix

Renovation work on the Barbatos family mansion was going fairly well.

In the meantime, the damages caused by the battle inn the military district had gradually recovered. All the research facilities that were damaged during that crazy night had been restored back, except for those previously operated by the Burixes.

That diabolic research facility would be demolished after Eris and the white knights did a thorough investigation. The gla.s.s container with Rafal's mother in it was removed. Her body was handled carefully, and would be buried in the cemetery managed by the kingdom.

I, once again, visited the facility where I saw Rafal's mother to see what the Burixes were up to. I only saw that one room during the fight that night. There should be another rooms on that facility.

One room belonged to the man who was once Rafal's father. It was apparent how evil he was judging from the many things were scattered around the room, and it only made me nauseous.

Then, I found the room that Rafal seemed to be using on another floor. It was ironically situated right above where his mother was preserved.

There was a picture of young Rafal laughing alongside his mother resting on the wall. The research materials on Gallia technology were stashed neatly on the bookshelf. It's easy to see that he went here nearly everyday to do some researches.

The white knights had seized those doc.u.ments though, and what left was a diary written by Rafal himself from his youth.

I looked through it, out of some random impulses, but then I was shocked by its content.

[Rafal…..you are…..dammit….]

It's because after reading this book that it dawned on me why Rafal had become so distorted.

At first he always wrote about the happy days with his mother, but stopped one day. The next entry was filled with sadness. Perhaps, that's the day when his mother pa.s.sed away.

However, the young Rafal was told a lie by his father, that his mother died from an epidemic disease, when his father had actually murdered her. Rafal was also told that he's not allowed to see his mother, fearing the disease might be transmitted to him.

There was no way he'd be allowed to see her. After all, his father had put her inside the gla.s.s container.

And one day, when Rafal was just twelve years old, he followed his father who had been suspiciously keep bringing back young women. And there, he saw a young woman, recently murdered, being put into the gla.s.s container by his father who seemingly enjoyed it immensely.

There were many women kept in that room. And among them, he found her. He found the beautiful mother whom he loved very much so when he was younger.

I stopped reading right there. The rest of the content seemed to be a mess of scribbles.

After returning the book to the bookshelf, I decided to head back to the mansion.

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