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Chapter 148 – Aftermath Report

Back at the mansion, we were greeted by Mimir and Lishua.

[Fate-sama, you did it, didn't you?]

[Thank you very much! Now the folks on this territory can live their lives with a peace of mind.]

Both seemed pleased, probably already informed by Roxy beforehand about what happened.

I couldn't help but feel worried especially with Snow kept clinging to me. Mimir finally asked me, probably unable to hold back her curiosity anymore.

[Well… is she 'that' girl?]

[Yes, she is. We shouldn't talk about it here… Lishua, I'll be grateful if you can provide us with a private room.]

[Understood. This way.]

Guided by Lishua, we headed to the meeting room.

[Snow-chan, come here, please!]

[Don't wanna!]

[Ku~, I failed again.]

Next to me, Roxy still doggedly tried to get along with Snow by talking to her.

It didn't seem to work. I felt that it's making Snow hate her more than before.

Even so, Roxy didn't give up. Un, even I could tell the result.

A vicious circle!

But even if Snow disliked it, her expression was less severe than before. So I thought that she's managing just fine somehow.

Seeing this, both Lishua and Mimir seemed troubled over how to handle it.

Our noisy group finally arrived at the meeting room. Before we even took any seats, Mimir already dropped the bomb.

[That little girl, was she the sacred beast that has been rampaging in the desert?]

[Yeah, but let's sit down first before we talk about that.]

I took a seat right across Lishua, with Snow immediately climbing up to my lap and sat there. Roxy sat on a chair next to me. Meanwhile Mimir stood at my other side.

[She was quite big before, but now she's so small. And her red hair looks kind of cute.]

[Apparently, this isn't her true form. She's also an amnesiac. Didn't even remember her own name when she first woke up.]

[So that's how it is. Did she also get resurrected by the Door to His Land?]

[Most likely. Greed recognized her as a sacred-beastkin. So she probably lived a long time ago.]

[So she's like, sacred-beastkin…? Where? Where? Can I see?]

[Hey, you! She will hate you if you are forceful like that.]

As if not learning from Roxy's failure, Mimir also tried to get along with Snow.

If you're too forceful, I'm afraid… she'll end up eating you.

But against my expectation, Snow actually jumped to Mimir in response to her advance.

[Ooh! She doesn't hate me. Here let me hug you. Yos.h.i.+yos.h.i.+, good girl good girl.]

[ [ EEeee!?] ]

I was honestly surprised. But there was someone else who was even more shocked than me. Obviously, it's Roxy.

Oi oi, how come she allowed Mimir to hug her so easily?

As if showing off, Mimir repeatedly lifted and lowered Snow, and the little girl seemed to enjoy it as well. Roxy, of course, didn't take this pretty well.

Roxy leaned on her chair weakly, as if her body was devoid of any muscle. It appeared that the mental damage she received was greater than I thought. She had a dead fish-look on her face.

Meanwhile, the previously silent Lishua suddenly yelled after seeing Mimir lift Snow up for several times.

[Everyone, can I have your attention for a bit! Look under Snow's clothes… what is that?]

[ [ [ Nnn!? ] ] ]

Lishua desperately pointed her finger to Snow's lower half.

Looking closely, I noticed something like a tail dangling behind her dress.

What is it? Everyone wondered.

[ [ [ Scorpion's tail! ] ] ]

Un, a normal human definitely doesn’t have that. Yep, she's definitely not human.

The so-called sacred-beastkin that Greed told me actually existed.

Snow's face turned sour upon realizing that we saw her tail.

[Only I have this among us all, so I've been trying to hide it because I was anxious.]

Since she lost her memory, S

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