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Chapter 65 – The Black Sword and the Holy Sword

When I stepped outside the bar, I found Roxy standing in the middle of a crowd, forming a circle around her.

So as not to disturb us, the soldiers kept the people in order with their horses. It was a quite an elaborate setup.

I could only think that this was her intention from the start. To me, who only had known her from back when were together in the kingdom, this was actually quite surprising.

Fighting in front of the crowd….? Of course this wasn't a first for me. I could do it without blinking. It's just that the opponent this time was Roxy. Shouldn't be any different from all those warriors I've fought with before.

This was intolerable.

However, it didn't seem that I could escape either.

Once again, I sighed.

I made sure that the skull mask was attached firmly so that it wouldn't fall off during battle, then put some strength into my feet and jumped. I leapt over the crowd and landed in front Roxy.

Face-to-face, I complained,

[Such a big deal]

[Is that so? I just thought that you wouldn't accept unless I did this much.]

You understand me well….. However, what about your position as the ruler of this fortress city?

[We are in front of many people. What will happen to me if, say, you lose?]

[No need to worry. I don't really care that much about that happening. Not that I intend to lose, either.]

Roxy drew out her sword while looking straight at me.

Being looked at that way, a sense of despair rose up within me. Shaking that feeling off, I raised Greed up without drawing him out from the sheath.

Roxy frowned at this spectacle.

[Are you going to fight me just using the sheath? That's a terrible joke.]

[No, I'm serious. I'll fight as is. My sword's edge is a little too dangerous for a fight like this.]

I had the black sword still sheathed. The sheath itself was crafted by Jade Stratos who signed the exclusive contract for supplying me with equipment. It was black with golden trims.

Incorporating the golden trims wasn't actually because it matched with Greed's sense of fas.h.i.+on. It was something Jade had added on a whim. When we had heard about his idea, Greed and I could only feel impressed by his talent.

Facing against me with her holy sword poised, Roxy seemed hesitatant.

[I don't know if the sheath breaks]

Normally I would think the same. However, this sheath can handle this much.

In fact, it's tough enough to endure attacks from a holy sword.

[Well, shall we begin?]

[Very well. I don't intend to hold back against you. Shall we?]


We quickly approached each other. I wonder, what exactly Roxy's fighting prowess is. I could easily check her stats and skills through Appraisal. But I don't want to resort to such cheats.

I can't do that since she seriously wanted to fight me. I can only respond to Roxy's will, sword against sword.

Greed snorted, then talked to me via 《mind reading》.

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