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Chapter 191 – Imperial Capital Melgadia

One, two, three…ten…twenty…thirty… sixty, Gluttony skill had devoured 60 monsters today.

And yet it didn’t show any sign of being full. On the flip side, my status continued to increase with every monster I slayed.

Splitting up from Roxy and Myne’s group, our group was currently heading to the Imperial Capital Melgadia.

From the far east, sounds of explosion intermittently rang out.

That sound was proof that Roxy and Myne were still fighting the one half of the Gemini. As long as I could hear those sounds, I’m sure that they’re okay.

[Fate-sama, are you sure about this?]

Eris was running in parallel to me, black bayonet still in hands.

She’s been repeating the same question for a while now.

[Still no. I don’t want to hear any gunshot noise!]


She grew all fidgety everytime I declined.

Perhaps she really wanted to shoot something? Don’t tell me the readjustment also made her trigger happy?

The Eris I knew would try to conserve her energy as much as possible. But this readjusted Eris seemed to be different. She’s itching for battle.

[I simply do not wish to see you fall apart before reaching the imperial capital.]

[You know, I could actually use some support bullets, but that’ll cause gunshot noise too, so that’s a no.]

[Too much free time for me.]

[Isn’t that good then? Actually having free time while travelling on Gallia.]

I pinned the lion headed monster with a snake head for a tail with one hand, then slashed its head apart with my other hand.

I think this monster was called a Chimera or something.

It was still alive even after I cut off its head. A very robust monster it seems.

Freeing itself from my pin, it in turn pounced at me.

Then, having me pinned down, it strikes with its poisonous tail.

Although I have poison resistance, it doesn’t mean I would obediently let myself get hit by that.

I activated the 《Sharp Edge》technique from the One-handed Sword Mastery skill.

I sliced and diced at the body, not forgetting the tail too.

The snake head flew in the air in the aftermath.

《Gluttony skill activated》

《Strength+2.5E(+8), Vitality+3.4E(+8), Magic+3.0E(+8), Spirit+2.4E(+8), Agility+3.4E(+8) will be added to the stats》

My status increased once more. The chimera might normally be a nasty monster, but with my current stats, it’s no different than a goblin to me.

Due to an excessive increase in my status in such a short time, I became incapable of controlling it properly anymore. Moreover, the sizable amount of power concerned me.

The Chimera itself gave me some useful skills. It would definitely be useful for future battles.

By the way, the further we’re going south, the stronger the monster becomes.

In the same vein, I will grow stronger much faster since I’ll get to eat increasingly stronger monsters.

A louder roaring sound was heard from beyond the east.


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