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Translator: Raizu

Editor: Mirp

Chapter 95 – Collapse Phenomenon

The laboratory that I was in was in the verge of collapsing. The large gla.s.s containers were broken without mercy, its' contents rolling on the floor.

The red solutions spreaded slowly all over.

At the back of that dim room, Mimir's voice could be heard.

She hadn't awakened that long already. And so, her voice was kind of raspy,

[Onii-sama…..why? Why, do you do something like this]

The question was directed at Rafal. But there was no answer.

She could only hear rustling sound coming her way.

Stop, don't look at it. An alarm in her heart said so.

Over the red solution, what lied ahead of her, was surely a very saddening view.

Rafal was sucking the blood out of Mimir's neck.

Rafal said that he lacked blood before he escaped me. Apparently, regular blood intake is required in order for him to be able to use his powers.

Even though there were other soldiers and holy knights around, he specifically looked for Mimir's blood. That only means, he couldn't ingest any kind of blood. A certain kind was required.

That's where Mimir came in. That's why she's been confined in the research facility and had her blood sampled regularly. When I found her, she might have lost consciousness due to blood loss.

And then, when she finally woke up, Rafal immediately went to suck on her blood. Judging from how Mimir looked when that happened, she seemed to have no idea why this kind of thing even happened.

When Rafal finally satisfied, he ditched Mimir to the corner of the room.

[Replenishment complete. I drank quite a lot. See, my power is returning back. No, even more than before.]

His eyes turned vivid red. Not only that, he was rather excited from his muscles clearly swelling from under his clothes.

I pointed my black sword at the power drunk Rafal and said.

[Rafal, she's still your sister.]

[Sister? No way, I never consider her as one. Well, she's nothing but a partner to kill some time with for me…..that foolish woman. Who would've accepted the daughter of a woman who kicked my mother out as a sister! She's merely a tool to replenish my power now. Hahahahahah]

Hearing that, Mimir shed a tears as her consciousness started to wane once more.

Rafal saw that, and he laughed out loud.

[She's truly a stupid woman. I remember from when she's just aware of herself, she would obediently follow my teaching to look down on other people. What a laugh. She grew up as fool just like her father. Don't you think so too, Fate? She used to treat you like a garbage after all.]

[….Rafal…..you……..cut it out already]

Mimir finally fainted due to blood loss. The woun

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