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Chapter 77 The End of the Journey

While I was rendered unable to even stand as soon as the influence of the gluttony skill attacked me, Myne came closer.

Her eyes hadn't changed, still her repelling crimson colored eyes. However, unlike the usual her, there was a hint of loneliness in her gaze.

Myne swung her black axe up, aiming at the kneeling me. She then said.

[Even after I told you……not to touch Tenryu.]

[Even so I don't have any other choice.]

Myne had indeed told me about it. But the sole reason that I even went here was to protect Roxy from the Tenryu. Having done so, I could only feel satisfied.

My heart didn't fear death, and I felt surprisingly fresh.

If I die, I want to die as myself. Blood continued flowing out from my eyes, blurring my sight in crimson color. I felt like I could go insane at any time now.

Myne didn't make any move yet. But she replied after a while.

[Very well.]

I looked at Myne with the last vestige of my strength. Her expression was decisive, hesitation no longer lingered there.

Such a dirty job. I asked her, even though she seemed unwilling, but she's the only one I could ask to.

I closed my eyes.

At that moment, memories of my life flashed in my mind. It started at the Kingdom, Roxy helping me escape the Burixes…….how I talked about many things to the barkeep on the tavern I frequented.

Then, leaving the royal capital for Roxy, visiting my hometown, and meeting the Sword Saint Aaron. I promised Aaron to visit him again after I concluded my journey, but it seems that I can't fulfill it. It's shame that I can't see what the reconstructed Hausen looked like.

Then I arrived here in Gallia……in the fortress city Babylon, I got to meet the energetic Roxy again, I couldn't remember….anymore.

Apparently…..it'll be over soon. My consciousness is waning.

[Myne, hurry!]

I could sense her feeling. This is it.

To be honest, I wish I can see Roxy's face….and hear her voice once more.

And then,


I heard an unexpected voice. Following that voice, I was rolling on the ground after someone seemingly shoved me. Probably the owner of that voice.

It was a voice I've already familiar with, so when I opened my eyes, there was Roxy as I thought. Both of us were covered in dust.

She hugged me, and said.

[What in the world….are you trying to do!]


No way, I never thought that she'll return here in a rush. No, it was my mistake in the first place.

Roxy Heart isn't someone who would let me fight alone. She rushed back here on her own after evacuating the King's army. However, on my part, it's the worst timing.

This way she'll see the part of me that I don't want her to see. If only I could avoid this…..

And just like that, Roxy told me.

[I….I can't dislike Fate for something like this. Fate is Fate! That's why, please don't do this.]

Roxy's tears fell on my cheek. And at that point, I could feel the comfort that I had seemed to long forget.

I've always been scared. When I thought that she'll come to hate or afraid of what I've become due to the Gluttony skill, I couldn't help but to feel scared.

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