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k at me .

[How many times have you visited this place already? The time pa.s.sage in this place is different than the real world . ]

[Is that so?]

[Really now… you’re truly hopeless . This spiritual world was originally created by Luna to keep the Gluttony skill at bay . Of course, the rules of this world are exactly as Luna wants it to be . ]

[Including the flow of time?]

[That’s just how it is . The flow of time for the soul and body is already different to begin with . ]

Greed mentioned how [The flow of time between the soul and body were different] . My mind was already full with Myne and Hauzen, so I wasn’t able to process that information properly . But it slowly sunk in .

When I turned to the still unconscious Myne, Luna was already there kneeling beside her .

[We finally meet again, big sis . ]

She gently stroked Myne’s cheek with her hand .

[It’s always like this . You shouldn’t push yourself too hard . ]

Tears rolled down Luna’s cheeks .

Greed also looked pained from seeing this, so he spoke to Luna .

[We have pushed you to do something unreasonable . ]

[It’s fine . It was my own decision, and I asked Fate to do it . ]

[Luna… you…]

[What happens to me doesn’t matter . I’m already but a fragment of the past . To me, what’s most important is big sis, who is still living in the present . So, Fate, thank you . ]

She stood up and held my hand . I felt warm despite the fact that it’s our spiritual body .

[I…what I did was just suppressing Myne . You are the one who brought us here . ]

[No, that isn’t necessarily true . You did enough . It’s thanks to Fate that I was able to bring big sis here without hurting her . Take pride in that . Don’t you think so too, Greed?]

[Yeah, you did really well . More than my expectation . You didn’t even step back when facing the Wrath immersed Myne . Not a shred of fear at all . I can tell for sure, because we were in the state of Crossing . ]

It’s a bit annoying . That Greed who rarely speaks highly of me suddenly praised me like that, making me feel embarra.s.sed .

[However, the hard part starts now . Luna… are you really sure?]

[How come you still ask when we are already in this stage? Of course I’m sure . After all I’m the only one here who can reach into big sis’ long closed off heart . ]

[You… you do know what that means, right?]

[I do, and I always do . That aside, why is Greed bothered by that? You should make up your mind . Despite all the big talk, you still haven’t really changed from how you were in the past, have you?]

[That is…]

[Still a fainthearted when it really matters . ]

Greed scoffed at Luna who laughed after openly making fun of him .

[I was a crybaby and indecisive in the past… But I have resolved myself now . I wish to do everything I can for big sis]

[Just… do as you like . ]

[And I will do just that . Let’s get started then . Fate, would you please?]

Luna said so as she stretched out one hand to me while her other hand was on the still unconscious Myne .

I reached out to her hand, as prompted .

[Now, we’ll dive . Straight into my sister’s heart . I’ll guide you, so don’t let go of my hand . Human’s hearts are like a labyrinth . If you get lost, you may never be able to return .

No need to make it that scary . I’d never let go of your hand now .

I couldn’t help imagining having to wander forever inside Myne’s closed off heart .

All I want is to continue living together as we used to in the real world .

[Are you guys ready?]

[ [ Yes . ] ]

I looked at Greed and Luna’s faces, then nodded .

These two were irreplaceable people for me . Without them, there’s no way that I’d even get this far .

And Myne was also the same .

Thus, with Luna’s guidance, we entered into Myne’s closed off world (heart) .

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