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Chapter 170: Luna’s World

Chapter 170 – Luna’s World

I consumed Luna’s soul in the past . Since then, she’s been helping me . Creating the spiritual world to keep the Gluttony skill at bay, and also during my training .

I really can’t thank Luna enough for everything she had done .

And that same Luna’s only wish, to stop Myne, happened to align with mine .

To fulfill our common wish, I developed a new power for Gluttony skill .

Not to just imprison, but also interact with the souls that it had consumed, allowing me to borrow their certain abilities .

Even skills and abilities that weren’t part of what G.o.d had bestowed to the world .

An example was Luna’s (Haniel’s) unique abilities .

In a sense, it’s similar to the use of Crossing between me and Greed .

Having consumed their souls, interacting with them was certainly no child’s play .

Therefore, I was only able to use Luna’s power, as we shared the same goal .

When Luna told me about Myne’s past, she also promised me that she’d lend me her power .

By achieving an agreement with the soul, the said soul would be able to manifest their power into the world . According to Greed, even the previous holder of Gluttony skill would never come up with such an idea nor be able to achieve the same thing .

Greed who was still in Crossing state with me said .

(Actually paying attention to the person whose soul you’ve consumed, I guess that’s so much like you…you crafty guy . Anyways, Haniel’s power can be very reliable here . Let’s go, Fate!)

Haniel’s scorching fire orbited around me . In addition to that, the blue barrier was tough enough to withstand even Myne’s 《Noir Destructo》 .

(Fate, we can’t waste time . Luna’s soul won’t hold if you strain her for too long)

Using this power unfortunately would also sc.r.a.pe on Luna’s soul .

And it’s said that when the soul is exhausted, one will cease to exist .

That was the difference from Crossing .

It was a one-sided deal between me and Luna .

As Greed said, the longer I used Haniel’s powers, Luna’s soul would gradually grow weaker .

But even with such a risk, Luna still agreed to fight together in order to stop Myne .

Myne was still distraught from seeing me drawing on Luna’s power .

I had only one chance .

Concentrating, I used the blue flames to knock Sloth away from Myne’s hand .

And just like that, I opened the barrier so that I could drag Myne to me . Hugging her tightly so that she couldn’t escape .

[Luna! Now!]

The barrier closed back, and a bright light filled its interior .

I could feel my consciousness fading away .

When I opened my eyes again, I was greeted by the sight of pure white that stretched as far as I could see .

This was the spiritual world that Luna created inside me .

Myne was also here, lying unconscious next to me .

This was the place I’ve chosen to stop Myne, a place wher

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