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Chapter 169: Battle

Chapter 169 – Battle

The whole city was encased within a red wall, as if we’re inside the belly of a living creature .

[It’s already begun . Now how will you two stop us?]

I was able to share Greed’s memory and knowledge thanks to Crossing .

(s.h.i.+nn, he is… . He is trying to pry open the door to his land by using the people of Hauzen above ground as sacrifices . )

Sacrifices . And Hauzen was situated right on top of Grandeur .

He’s most likely going to extend his red liquid above ground and use that to kill people .

Then jam the large number of souls he will have murdered at the door to his land to force it open .

[You just have to busy yourself fighting Myne . In the meantime, I’ll use your loved ones as sacrifices to further my goal . ]

[Don’t mess with me!]

[Isn’t this what you do best, Gluttony? Killing people makes you stronger after all, am I correct? Right now, what I need for the last push to open the door is a good amount of human souls . ]

s.h.i.+nn, now nothing more than a huge red glob, said so as he floated towards the artificial sun .

Eris kept shooting at him in the meantime, but his red tentacles got in the way .

[Useless . I’ve been working hard toward this for such a long time . Do you think such attacks will be able to stop me? What can an indecent woman who’s only good at charming others do?]

When I tried to move to stop s.h.i.+nn, Myne was there to block me .

[Your opponent is her . Don’t forget, Gluttony . Mortal sin skill holders should try to get along with each other . ]

Eris shot faster, but all it did was impeding s.h.i.+nn slightly . Her firepower was lacking to truly stop him .

Even so, time was still ticking . I need to disable Myne as soon as possible .


Deflecting the black axe, I slashed with my black sword .

But my movement was easily read, as she dodged with ease .

Yet I noticed that she was faster than before . Sloth’s weight should’ve been starting to impede her by now .

Then I realized that something has changed in Myne .

The two horns on her forehead had somehow grown longer . And they emitted faint light .


(Wrath skill is entering its next phase . Just like Gluttony skill, Wrath skill causes the holder to become stronger the more angry they are . Along with that, heart and sensation will continue to be dulled down . At some point it’ll be impossible to snap Myne out of it . ]

[How long till Myne truly lost herself?]

(You should’ve known this already . Myne had no sense of taste . That was the effect of Wrath skill . She lost her sense of taste when she rampaged a long time ago… But perhaps she actually lost more than that already . )

Despite Sloth’s weight, Myne’s attack actually grew stronger .

The speed loss handicap from wielding Sloth was negated by the Wrath skill .

The two were basically complementing each other . Their effects synergized outstandingly .

Heavy attacks, but coupled with masterful wielding and topnotch speed .

It was almost the opposite of me, who lacked speed and relied more on simple but strong attacks .

Unable to keep up, I was forced to be defensive .

[This is bad!]

If this continued on, I’d stuck on a vicious circle .

Because Myne’s attack frequency had doubled as of now .

(I know you don’t want to hurt Myne, but we can’t stay like this either . I’ll revert back the black sword’s sharpness)

[Don’t . I’m here to stop Myne, not to kill each other . ]

(You’ll become her training sandbag at this rate . )

[Still . ]

Eris’ phantom bullet had produced 5 clones of myself as distractions .

But all five were smashed in a single strike .

(If you don’t do anything, you’ll end up like them . )

I’m sorry again .

Despite that, Eris shot another phantom bullet at me .

While fighting to s

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