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Chapter 121 – Unceasing Black Flame

When I woke up, I saw Aisha-sama and Shara waiting beside me anxiously.

But when they realized that I've woken up, relief washed over their faces.

[You've come around? Thank goodness…]


Shara jumped and hugged me while calling out my name. Apparently she was really worried.

Soon after, the girl was sobbing on my chest.

[I'm fine already, but the battle was still ongoing back there.]

I wished I could comfort Shara until she calmed down, but I had to return there immediately.

Getting up from the bed, I noticed that I'd been properly clothed, so I took some time to thank the two.

[You even prepared all my equipment.]

[Of course. A holy knight must be ready to go into battle at any time. I, as a wife of a holy knight, understand this the most. If there was a crisis near the capital, there was no way we could comfortably sleep in our pajamas.]

[Thank you very much.]

[It's for you after all. You are going, am I right?]

Aisha-sama came closer to me while smiling. Somehow, I felt strangely relieved when I looked at her face.

As a holy knight's wife, she understood the feeling the most. Having to send off her husband Mason…and watched as he never returned.

Even so, Aisha-sama still prepared and send me off all the same because she believed in me. I shouldn't betray that expectation.

[Of course. I will bring back Roxy. For sure!]

[Such a fine expression. One belonging to a great Knight! Alright, here]

Aisha-sama handed to me the black sword that was standing on the bedside before. Last time I touched this sword was only yesterday, but it felt like a long time ago.

I again thanked them, and promptly dashed to the window and jumped out. It's a bad manner, I know, but it's an emergency.

[Fate-sama, be careful and do your best!]

[I leave Roxy in your hands!]

With those encouraging voices urging me on,.my power burst forth as I crossed the courtyard in a single bound.

I went past the holy knight residential area in a hurry, then heading out to the gate through the commercial district.

Placing my hand on the sword's handle while activating 《Mind Reading》, I heard a voice that remained unchanged despite everything that happened recently.

『Looks like you've returned』

[Yeah, but it's not…]

『Over yet, isn't it?』

[Right. By the way, Greed! Tell me about this 'Door to that Land' thing]

『So you want to know…..but, it's still too early for you』

[Again with that. Luna said that you'll do exactly that.]

『That woman really can't keep her lips tight, isn't she? In any case, it's the same reason why Myne choose to leave you…..』

I landed back on the ground just before the gate. There were only a few people pa.s.sing by, just like before.

Perhaps it'll return to its normal state tomorrow.

Sending a look towards the Hobgoblin forest, I could see smoke billowing up on several places. The battle against the ogres was still ongoing it seems.

I already knew where the battle is. So let's take the shortest route!

Again, I put my utmost effort to kick the ground and jumped. Perhaps I put too much force, part of the cobblestone road leading to the gate actually broke down. I guess I'll have to ask for repair after everything is over.

But the Capital may not be safe seeing how the battlefield is so close to it. How would I tell Eris when she returned later…?

『Are you that afraid of Eris?』

[Don't read my mind]

『You are the one with Mind Reading skill. Anyways, what kind of monster is Roxy fighting?』

[It's human turned monster called ogre. I have a feeling that it's the same type that may cause repercussions if devoured by the gluttony skill, just like the nightwalker!]

They might proven to be a difficult enemy for me…Remind

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