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Chapter 152: 152

Chapter 152 – Libra’s Power


The man in question merely replied with a smile . He was unarmed, and didn’t show any sign that he wanted to fight us .

But the magic power that overflowed from him gave me a heavy pressure .

I need to be careful .

[Yo, Fate . It’s been a while… or has it?]

[What did you do?]

[As you can see . I slayed the monster lurking in this land . I’ve warned the town residents in advance to minimize casualties . I took necessary precautions, okay?]

[There are still some people left around here . And it would take more than hundreds of years before that monster posed any danger . Why all of a sudden?]

[It’s not something for them to decide . It was my own decision . ]

What are you talking about? Yours to decide?

[Your face tells me that you don’t get it . Fine, let me tell you . Suppose the monster is left alive for hundreds of years, who will the townspeople ask for help by then? Let me tell you . If it’s allowed to grow up to that point, the monster will easily be at Area E level . ]

This land happened to not be under the Kingdom’s management . Furthermore, since it’s also not a Holy Knight’s territory, there wouldn’t be any powerful warrior to help at any time . In addition to that, apparently leaving the monster alive would only make the situation even worse .

[You seem to get it now . Who will defeat it then? Mortal Sin skill holder like you? No, it’ll only be human like me . Think that through . I’m actually busier than it seems . I can’t afford to conform with people’s foolish ego with the limited time I have . It’ll only be too convenient for them if I did . ]

[Then, why now?]

[I did say that I’ve given them plenty of time to evacuate . And it wasn’t on an urgent notice as well . Let me say this again . It was my own decision . On the contrary, let me ask you this . How will Fate deal with this monster?]

Libra trampled over the remnant of the monster as he approached us .

It was an unfeeling step . As though he was trampling over something that got in his way .

[You have no reply for that? I suppose you’ve already heard about this monster before, yes? You came here, but after knowing about this problem you simply left because you couldn’t find a solution . Correct? What I want to say is, don’t complain if you can’t even do anything about it . ]

He said, before walking pa.s.sed me .

[Libra, wait . ]

[Ho… you finally speak . I thought that you’ll just stand there like a figurine . ]

Despite her trembling, Eris stared dagger at Libra .

[Hee, so you can actually make that kind of face . Have you become a bit stronger? I wonder if playing king has made you any better?]

[I… I’m not the same as before!]

Eris raised the black bayonet . The muzzle was pointed on Libra . On the other hand, Libra still looked calm .

[Shoot, if you really want to shoot . However, can you really do that? With the door to his land about to open, do you understand how foolish it is to try to fight me? You of all people should know me better . ]


Libra smiled when Eris finally lowered the black bayonet .

[Good girl . You should’ve acted more obedient like in the past . ]

When Libra turned his head back to me, someone suddenly stood in between us .

[Oh, Snow . No way… To think that you’ll be forced to take that form . ]

[Gigigigigigiiii . ]

Snow, who should’ve been with Mimir, stood between me and Libra, spreading her little arms as if to protect me . She growled intimidatingly at Libra .

[Don’t be so angry . Good grief… it’s not like I’m the bad guy here . ]

[Scram! I hate you!]

[Even though you lost your memory, you can still act like that, huh? Well, whatever . I actually came here to fetch Snow, but I guess I’ll just leave her in Fate’s care for now . ]

Libra smiled as he said so .

[It’s not good to get sidetracked like this, you k

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