blazuki In Cultivation realm with anime system
Join josha in his advetures when he found he is in new world with an anime system. Will he survive in the cruel world where the strong eat the weak !?
alexmason DEATH GAME
Hello! To all! I'm going to introduce myself, my name is hajime motaro. I am an involuntary participant in the game of death and I am about to die. It is very likely that more than a million people will see my death live and directly, but before that happens. Let me tell you how it ends like this.
zebrasa Dao Emperor
Due to the inheritance of the library of heaven, Tian Yi Ren has been deemed a trash and separated from his family. Follow Tian Yi Ren's journey to be above all after the activation of the inheritance given to him. Disclaimer : The picture does not belong to me.
Phantom_DX My Hero Demon Academia
A typical otaku reincarnates into the world of my hero academia with the power of Meliodas from nanatsu no taizai. Watch the story as he uses his powers become a hero.

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